Switching to Standard Notes and Listed.to

What's in a blog? A blog is a personal space for all your thoughts and musings. That's why it is important for me to maintain a blog – think of it as giving updates about my life once in a while. This 2022, I have decided to streamline my digital accounts and minimize digital footprint as much as possible. Thankfully, I have discovered Standard Notes and Listed.to, both platforms that emphasize privacy and simplicity.

FIrst of all, a background. Why am I blogging with Listed.to? Two years ago, I have opened a WordPress blog to serve as a personal space for random thoughts and anything else. However, there's a big reason why I stopped my WordPress blog. Since I am using a free plan, my blog is riddled with ads, something that I have against with. While WordPress has a decent interface, I am easily burdened by its complexity. It also doesn't help that some things require a learning curve to get going.

I have also been maintaining a Medium blog for years, but I haven't written any new content in several months. In my opinion, Medium has changed for the worse, and great, organic content are harder to find nowadays. I can solely blame their Medium Partner Program, but I think that it has a huge role in making the experience worse.

Write.as looks attractive, but I am still hesistant in opening a new account and blogging with the platform. Something about the platform gives me the feeling that they may not last for years to come, although they are a federated platform (and open source, which is really important to me).

After a long search, I have stumbled upon Listed.to which I discover to be linked with Standard Notes. Honestly, the interface of write.as is much attractive to me, but I value longevity. Standard Notes and Listed.to is also here to stick around, given that they are one of the reputable and established ones in the encrypted notes market.

So for 2022, I am switching to Listed.to. It's been several months since I last wrote for my blog, and I'm eager to restart the habit of writing in a personal space of my own. The only thing is that I don't post frequently. I only write when I want to and when there is a grave need to do so.

That's it for now.

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