NetApp Command CheatSheet


Administratively turning on or off an ethernet port:

::*> network port modify -node somenode-01 -port e0f -up-admin true


Working with the event log

Show only a certain severity or higher:

::> event log show -severity ERROR

Show a certain type of error (supports wildcards)

::> event log show -event secd.cifsAuth.*

Show events that are !not a certain type of error (supports wildcards)

::> event log show -event !sec*

Network troubleshooting

Ping a remote host (eg a domain controller) from the LIF of a vserver

::> network ping -lif somesvm_cifs_nfs_lif1 -vserver some_svm -destination

Verify L1 connectivity (ONTAP 9.8+)

::> network port reachability show -detail -node -port 

Data Management

Adding inodes / increasing max file count

Default max files can be somewhat low on NetApp if you are working with large amounts of small files. Defaults shown under example below.

::> volume modify -vserver nfsshare -volume some_vol -files 31876689

Default inode max


Active Directory

Setting preferred domain controllers

What determines an AD DC discovered status?

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