Wealth and Minimalism

I'm beginning so see a correlation between wealth and the ability to keep the "clean and minimalist" aesthetic that's so big nowadays.

Looking over catalogs and Instagram, I can only wonder where the hell everyone puts their Costco toilet paper. Or their value-sized cereal. Maybe their spare blankets? I-don't-have-in-unit-laundry sized laundry hampers?

Buying in bulk, despite being the poster child for "America and its consumerism sucks" mentalities, is a cornerstone to frugal living. As is coupon clipping and the "wait till there's a sale" or "buy what's on sale" approach.

Popular shit is expensive. Making a little apartment look uber-fucking-adorable with the right furniture is expensive. Keeping only what you need on hand and buying the rest as you need it (only to get rid of it later) is expensive.

That towel with a dark, mysterious, and persistent stain on it doesn't bring me joy. But it dries me off, doesn't smell, and serves its purpose (except maybe when guests are over).

Some folks might call me stingy. Or that I just can't bring myself to throw things away.

Others might say I'm frugal. Or that I just can't bring myself to waste.

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