Nerdy Self Awareness

Flipping through some of these privacy-centric communities, I have to wonder if I give off the same image as some of the louder voices in these circles do.

As far as I can tell, there's a thin line between "thoughtful, literate person sharing their thoughts" and /r/iamverysmart. It's thin enough that I probably misstep and fall off and into the latter side more often than I'd like. I suppose that makes it easier to forgive when I see it in the wild.

I like to read. More often, I listen to recordings of talented people reading. Regularly, I listen to the talented people read while taking longish walks. Maybe even hikes.

I don't think that makes me the next Muir. I'm aware that I'm not a very impressive writer, and I'm not going to try and be inspiring or preachy. I guess that's not always easy to avoid; maybe this post is actually just hilariously ironic.

Listed caters to a certain type of audience. Case in point: it's publishing UI relies on an E2EE notes app with an extension API and fancy access tokens. It supports code blocks, but not gifs or even static images. I think it's pretty cool. So do lots of you, probably. But we shouldn't pretend it's Medium. Or Tumblr. Or whatever's hot these days.

That being said, it's kind of nice to know this will be seen by other nerds if at all. Kind of like muttering a song to yourself in the kitchen, secretly hoping your roommate will join in at the chorus.

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