Saturday March 28 2020

It has now been four weeks at home, since Tuesday the 3rd. I am getting used to being home for most of my life, taking short walks with my wife around the upper and lower fields of our local park, carrying a 15lb weight in each hand. She carries them briefly too, as we hand off, but mostly it is me. Today we walked three miles, with no weights, carefully avoiding all people anywhere near us on the way. It is becoming common to do these strange practices, including also wiping down groceries (delivered to the house) and mail. My wife does the wiping down; she is methodical and careful, and we are both very anxious to keep us virus-free. For me, that would be worse than for her, I think, because of my terrible history with asthma and respiratory problems. These problems, btw, nearly killed me more than once as a toddler in post-war Sweden, in times when medical knowledge and facilities were much less advanced.

Looking at the daily death toll for WA has also become de rigeur. The daily increase has itself increased, very scary - you can see the exponential growth happening in the stats. Yet we are better off than NY and NJ, and certainly better than Italy and Spain. That's all for today.

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