Sunday April 5 2020

It is just past midnight, and we just finished watching JoJo Rabbit. That, along with Chernobyl on HBO, and it is enough to put one into a wartime mood. It really does feel like war, though I know it isn't, and I don't know what war would feel like anyway.

But you have this mentality of constant watchfulness. Did I wash my hands well enough? Did I wash them at all in a particular situation? Should I hold my breath passing a certain person or scenario? My wife does. Did I stay 6 feet away from all people? Are my adult children at home keeping quarantine sufficiently? Are they taking it seriously enough?

I know it boils down that we do all we can humanly, and trust God with the rest. That's all we can do. Being in a high-risk group doesn't mean you will die, nor does being young and healthy guarantee you'll survive. God really is Lord and is reminding us of that fact.

WA passed 300 death this day. Kind of grim, but many states have now passed us in infections and fatalities.

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