I don't normally write this kind of stuff, but I was really angry. So here goes nothing.

This is a story
Raw, painful, gory
It ain't a BT, simply reality
This world that we live in, monsters meandering
Innocent facades in front of their mom and sister
But behind closed doors she begs "rape me mister"
Crying and choking, negative consent
But she'll have to say it or he'll make her repent
Grunting, pounding, sweating like an animal
He rapes his own daughter like her mom's on sabbatical
Which maybe she is, considering the wine
Dulled her to the point where it was all fine
To the point she never heard the sounds coming out
As her teenager's body was taking the full clout
Of her own daddy's weight and guts
Pushing down and into her until he ruts
Like a fucking animal, that's all he is
He won't amount to anything more than this
But what of the girl, destroyed every night?
What will become of her inescapable plight?
Maybe she will be like her mother
Die inside while living like another
Or maybe she will find the brightest of futures
Statistics after all don't paint a bright picture

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