Noctis 2

As Noctis embraced me gently
Ecstasy ran through my veins
Oh, I forgot to tell you
Noctis came back again

I thought she had gone away for good
When we had last parted ways
But it seems I was pleasantly wrong
Because I got to see her again

Dressed in white, an ethereal beauty
Yet beyond the sin of touch
Still, for me, the pitiful wretch
Her pure thoughts were enough

"I will be here when you need me
You just need to let things go
Not take world's burdens on your shoulders
You should just take things slow

Believe me, I will always return
Again and again for all time
Rest now, you will see me again
You need to let go of your pain"

Saying this she embraced me tighter
Though I could still not feel her embrace
But somehow her warmth enveloped my body
And deep slumber followed then

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