One day
An eternity from now
The last star will burn out
And like a beautiful firework
Scatter its stardust.

Life indeed is a miracle
For we are all made of stardust
That just happened to be
In the right place
At the right time

That day
The universe will die
And the miracle of life will be undone

And all the times we had together
Every touch, every kiss, every
Single time you caressed me
Will all be forgotten

There will be no one left--
Not one soul
To remember us--
To remember mankind.

Beloved, then,
Will our love be gone,

But space and time are elastic
They bend and stretch
In fantastically unimaginable ways
Curving, looping, and forever expanding

And many eternities later
Should there be born another universe
With another Earth
Will the two of us meet again?

Will we be born in separate eras?
Will we ever meet?
And even then will we feel,
Like we know each other
And will we have the same love?
Or will it be a different kind of love?

Or will we be strangers,
Passing down the street
Will by chance our glances meet?
Will we feel a passing familiarity?

Is this what deja Vu truly is?
The universe conspiring, constantly trying
Through fleeting memories of a past life
To get the same things to happen
Over and over again?

But then
Does that not make us all
Star-crossed lovers?
Predestined to live out
The same lives over and over?

Beloved, you ask me everyday
If I slept well
And everyday I lie
Because these unanswerable questions
Keep me up all night.

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