Push Comes To Shove

I dislike my mother
As she's always pushing me farther
Away from my dreams and away from my goals
Just because I don't fit in the mold
Of the ideal child that she wants me to be
Whom she can brag about when it's time for tea

I defy conventions
And do what I want
But her emotional manipulations
Are much worse than taunts
Blackmail and narcissism are her traits
And she's masterful at laying the bait

Which makes me cry to no end
And die inside, though she says she's my friend
But she never supports my endeavors
Though she gladly brags of the fruits that they bear
Indeed I feel like just a proxy
Through which she can live vicariously

I dislike my mother, and that is a fact
No amount of convincing is ever going to change that
Because families are of three types after all
And now my back is against the wall
All I wish is to be left to do what I love
But sadly, now, it seems that the push has come to shove

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