First Post

Yet again I'm starting a blog and while I don't think I'll keep up with posting on here with the frequency that I want it will at least stay up only because it's linked to my Standard Notes.

It's been a very odd year, first WW3 is about to start with North Korea, Australia suffers with unprecidented fires and then COVID-19 kicks off. The 20s has started badly. Luckily\Thankfully I've still got a job, working in IT has its advantages espically when its all cloud based. I've been at home since mid March and while I've mostly been coping with being on my own, I'm struggling concentrating and maintaining focus on things I normally love to do. I'm struggle to get out of bed in the morning, have difficult reading. I noramlly read ~50 pages a day but I struggle to get through more than 5 or 10. Apparently this is similar to executive dysfunction, which I'd never heard of until a friend mentioned it the other day. I've not read much about it since she brough it up, definitely something I'm going to read about when I get over my current apathy. In the meantime I'm listening to trashy audiobooks.

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