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If you work on different devices, and need info from one on the other, one method is to use apps that work on all platforms with Web support additionally, like Standard Notes, OneNote, Evernote and such well-known, or keep emailing yourself whenever you find things of interest. I was following the second method (in fact still do, encrypting with PGP for the sensitive), in addition to the first. The other way than emailing is to store such info as drafts in your account, with attachments where needed that works the same way with easy access and remains safe.

Sometime back I came across Protected Text and use it often, the "Online Notepad" as it's called. Though they have apps for the phone, the Web version is good enough for occasional use. Interestingly there's no formal sign-up. You just enter a string of characters of your choice and hit enter. The string acts as your username, and if taken up it would say already occupied. Else, click "Create site" to move on to set a password, and you are into your own encrypted space with a tabbed interface, the first line or heading you type becoming the identifier for each tab like the file name, and you can have as many tabs for each purpose. There's no log-out either, you just close the browser tab or window, but of course, don't forget to click Save for the changes and edits stay put before exiting! I liked the simplicity, security and a no need to provide email address to verify. To make log-in easier the next time, just bookmark the site with your username added after the site address (like .com/8am) to only enter password. You can change password, and delete a note/tab. What more is needed to store important stuff, free without Ads, that comes in handy any time? Only, remember your password, no forgot it option to recover!

There are ways to further protect your data, if you prefer stronger means or doubt a new service, by making it a bit more cryptic that only you can guess. y%rqM89 is better where % indicates B to you that's easy to recall. Safer than spilling the beans in all readable form, prepared for the event when things might get compromised...

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