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As a figure of speech, "All roads lead to Rome", and these days all things covering technology, on the Web or in print, besides the other news outlets lead to just one ongoing, positioned always on the top--about the owner of many billions and the platform of many million users in one way or the other, almost to the point of nausea. There's obviously more to come, and more to see in the coming days, and "We the living" are forced to witness "will he, will he not" or "will they, will they not" syndrome that we are no way related to, only to be actively or otherwise be party to discussions and opinions.

Deals are perhaps better off if carried out behind the scene, that throw a surprise when announced, than all the focused build-up before it even happens. May be this is the way of the future that the media and social media in particular are leading us to adapt to. Free speech or freedom makes sense if clearly understood to being disciplined than resort to profane-bordered personal views, even when singularly committed to an ideology or a person, to observe the ways others see it, in a healthier manner...

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