It Whispers, so Listen

I remember back to when the Live Strong bracelets ruled the fashion circuit of high school in Southeast Iowa. Everyone had a couple: different colors, different causes. I'd talked Katie Schaeffer into being my friend. I'm not exactly sure how. She was a year older than me and I always assumed I annoyed her. I think some people just appreciated the attention from my obnoxious antics. Either way, we were in Biology together. We'd sit together and eventually, I talked her out of her bracelet. Realistically, I probably traded it for snacks or candy. It was teal, and it said "It whispers, so listen." I had no idea what it meant; I liked that.

Sometimes, I stop and think that about life. I think about the fact that life whispers, so I have to listen. It's a very goofy sounding statement. But sometimes, it just seems that if I pay attention, if I listen hard enough to the random happenings of my life, there seems to be something there. Sometimes it's a pattern. Sometimes it's a little urge that speaks to you, pulling in one direction or another. Sometimes it's a wisp of inspiration or a breath of an idea. But there is something in my life, I believe, whispering out a throughline.

In the end, I found out that it was a slogan for ovarian or uterine cancer. I guess that's a pretty good cause, in the end.

I want to write more, but I'm so tired.

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