10th Day Flow - Day 10

(Credits - Zahra's Blog + Lady Art Collective)

10 days without a break
I'm still holding on, make no mistake
The ride's getting tough but my mind's just going
This flow's getting rough so I best start rowing

I hear crows in the night sky cawing at me
I see pigeons on the beachside walking beside me
Who the hell even knows who they're addressing truly?
Not even mafia leaders hold any cards over me

Call it gangster sway if you're watching me play
I play with cats for fun and learn languages that decay
Bringing back heritage that lost sight of sacred truths
Counting 24 hours before I bring out the suits

Fancy, tidy, or indecent display,
Your gender, attitude, and looks attributed to foul play
Wash lies that made your mother sell her daughter away
Call in truth for all the liars that said you went astray

Meaningful exchanges made in haste
Leaving you both in divine distaste
Second-rate compared to the one that you knew,
Second-rate made you hide yourself too soon

Nightmarish thoughts now left to abandon
Pleading vows of conscious lies left in tandem
Sold memories made to last, this ain't fate
Caution thrown to the wind, but this ain't hate

Listen in keenly now to divine integrity,
That tells you to respect your dignity
Lay down vicious cycles to the birds of prey
Line up precious ties that you called to escape away

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