Discernment - Day 20

This is me, coming in for real
Tryna deal with something surreal
Mind's on a reel, repeating my thoughts
Heart's got one goal, so loosen the knots

Breathe into the pain, as the doctor suggests
Rest a little deeper, entertain fewer guests
Get your frequency aligned with the future you seek
Put muscle into the grind & color into that cheek

Water over my shoulder, I'm paving ways for success
Lemme take notes till I'm stronger, and get the right address

I'm not lost to convention,
I just do as I'm told, except
The telling comes from me so I guess,
It sounds like an invention,
To bigoted minds, that find any reason to despair
Bend over backward for them, but they won't even get off their chair

So lay it out to them plain
You're approaching your domain
Many talents be unfurling
So pay attention to your journey
One day as it comes, don't rush the learning
Sit tight & hope strong because you're slowly discerning

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