Are my talents useless? - Day 30

So what if all that I like/can do best is reflect, write, and create? What exactly is the problem with that? If that's what comes naturally to me, then isn't it a sign of ungratefulness to not accept these as my God-given gifts? I would think so. It is no ordinary thing to be able to:

a) Think on my own, observe, and feel,
b) Reflect on and express those thoughts, observations, and feelings, &
c) To express them well and in diverse ways

To have the above three gifts is no ordinary feat. It is quite a delightful and celestial gift to be able to do these things, especially in an age where people have fallen into more consumption patterns rather than creating and thinking for themselves. Since I know that what I possess and have honed over the years is not as common as I think (self-expression, curiosity, and willingness to learn), it must follow that what comes naturally to me might not come as naturally to all. If that's the case then without any arrogance, I can humbly proclaim that I have talents that are unique in some ways and should be used in that manner, instead of being shelved away under the false fear of being called ordinary, redundant, or useless.

Today I'd like to venture out and take on a new perspective with regards to my own talents/loving sides and challenge my previous fears with this complaint and plea from my talents:

"We are not ordinary, redundant, or useless. We are sorry that you feel that way about us. God sent us your way when you were very little and we have stayed humbly by your side to this very day. We are dismayed that your ego never allowed you to see us for what we truly are. But we've always been by your side, whenever you've needed us.

When have you truly felt ordinary, useless, or redundant when you relied on us? Was it when your film scripts were appreciated by an Oscar-nominated screenwriter or was it when you were getting paid more than you thought you deserved for writing and research? Was it when we allowed you a means to explore the world's problems at a young age in your little notebook or was it when your poetry impressed even the leaders of the mindfulness circles on the west coast?

Tell us, when have we let you down when you actually called us for help? All you've received has been praise, financial success, appreciation, and self-realization through us. So please do not demean us anymore, especially not because of some stupid standards that you've seen in the world to compare us to. Please spare us the undeserving shame. Just leave it to us, and we will lift the world together. You know we can do this for you, and for the people."

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