The cave of light - Day 33

See beyond the pain
O fair, beloved soul
I hold your warm heart close to mine
You are in the land of beauty,
Fret not, no more

Seemingly sorrowful tales
Encompass within them joy, behold!
Look not towards the dark
Your light shines beyond this time
Let's you and I pick a rhyme
And hum gently into the darkest cave of our souls

Illumination is at hand
The fireflies come bearing light
Your cave is not yours alone
There are many beings that therein abide
Some hiding, some frightened, others waiting for the light

Surely the light you seek
Is glowing inside you
The fireflies merely reflect back to you
A glimmering of your own heart

Can you not see?
How could this not be?
We are all but reflections

How would the moon know of its grace
Without the river to reflect back to it
In its luscious waves
The river, the mountain, the moon
The pedestrian crossing over the bridge
Who is the 'other', which is more fine?
These are all but shapes of the divine

Be kind to your reflection
And it will be kind to you
You are never alone
We are all swimming in the unknown

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