Dear Anxiety - Day 32

My mind rhymes in slides
My heart rises and falls in tides
My dreams don’t swim, they glide
When I enter my depths, they hide

Anxiety tries to steal my calm
Tries to tell me “tum ho aam”,
She says “tumhara na hai koi kaam”,
“Aur jo bhi kar lo, raho gi tum gumnaam”

I listened to her day and night
Let her command my life so tight
Let the fears cloud my eyesight
Let her creep inside without a fight

But on the lowest of days,
When her presence kept me awake
I met eyes with a green eyed snake
Who showed me visions I couldn’t mistake

Visions of dark and light,
The far left and the far right,
The balancing of scales coming into sight
Calling to reclaim my lost insight

Intuition came through,
Said listen to me now you,
Anxiety’s played its purpose

But you are not worthless

Come back to what’s yours,
Your life is still yours,
Thank anxiety for it’s part
But now it’s time to break apart

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