Put the Phone Down!- Day 46

I don’t have much to say today, except that I don’t know how to stay away from the phone. It fulfills some kind of a hole in one’s heart, and gives you the illusion that you have company 24/7 but its company is akin to the company a drug presents. That’s not the kind of fulfillment I’m looking for.

Being out in nature has such a powerful effect that I can’t help but stow away my phone in a corner and not bother to look at it for hours, even. However the moment I’m back in the city, my hands start to reach for the phone again.

What is this insurmountable itch that so many of us have? Why can’t we put the phone down?

I wonder if Virtual Reality will help our case, or make it worse. I’m not waiting around to see where the world of tech leads me. I need to learn to lead with the tech and tools that are available and in order to do that, I must overcome this itch. I must be the master of the phone, and not its slave. Time and time again I’ve tried to distance myself, but it’s not a one time effort. It’s cyclical. The cycle has returned now to remind me to put it down once again, so there, it’s down.

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