Halfway Through- Day 50

Halfway through, 50 days of publication
Kept going at it, even in times of frustration
A new write-up unfolding for a new occasion
Discovering what’s now past, it’s a different sensation

Poetic thoughts for the discerning mind,
Reflections made on the daily grind
Writing to find my kin, in all of mankind
Hoping the process can ease my mind

Self-esteem didn’t grow, but it did surrender
The kinda things I can do, it’s a mind-bender
I come to express, not to hide my gender
But why do I still feel like I’m just a pretender?

Uncertainty I must face in the economy of attention,
I’m wondering if what I offer will be worthy of retention?
Entrepreneurship feels like retirement with a lotta tension
Then again, is creativity even possible without a pension?

How will I converge my talents and skills,
Will my ikigai be able to pay the bills?
But my fulfillment lies in those beautiful hills
Where nature frees you from modernity’s ills

So where do I belong, in which industry?
Am I trading time for building inventory?
Am I to stay or move to a different country?
What can I do to help the people be free?

Sing a tune, and hum for me
Don’t ask for guidance, just look and see
Find a way to move like a bee
& Taste the nectar of fine honey

Still, doubts remain, my mind’s a bore

No way in sight except this lyrical galore
Direction a gift, true sight to open doors,
Who said self-authoring was an easy chore?

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