The Garden - Day 90

I tried to light a fire,
To wood that was wet,
I tried to spark desire,
In a heart that felt regret

It’s seldom that we allow,
The feelings to arise,
We try to plough and plough,
But the garden has a surprise

When we turn to misery,
Our minds are brought to waste
But nature is a treasury,
It can restore our rotten state

So fretting is forbidden
In the garden of the sages
Therein many secrets lay hidden
That are revealed to us in stages

Heaven plays with us,
A game of hide and seek,
Seek we must, and hide she does,
Until we reach our peak

The doors of the unconscious open,
As the mind and heart rejoice
Love is offered to the heartbroken,
And a space to raise our voice

This is the time you waited for,
The time has come at last,
Many days spent feeling sore,
But no more a mere outcast

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