Is Content Creation Worth It? - Day 91

This question has been on my mind constantly, along with the question of whether one can live a good life without much technology/have a work life that doesn’t make you a slave to your devices. Such paths exist, I’m sure, but I also believe that they are slowly being replaced by tech. Isn’t everything? Doesn’t it appear to be the case that the world is just going towards artificial intelligence, virtual realities and everything else that promotes the disembodiment of human beings, encouraging us to place all our hope and investment into these technologies, rendering us almost useless?

There is much debate on both sides but even if I don’t look into possible futures, I can clearly see the reality around me now, and it’s not far from a kind of technological slavery. It is very disempowering to see this phenomenon take place, and see it engulfing your loved ones, see yourself being taken by it, and not have any clue as to how to hit the brakes on it. It seems to be spreading like wildfire and no one appears to be putting any limits on it. But it can’t be allowed to dominate our lives, that’s a kind of authoritarianism beyond our ancestor’s wildest imagination. This is my fear, my concern and my roadblock to proceeding further in life. There, now it’s out in the open.

Now I’ll get into my concerns about content creation:

1) Seems redundant: it feels like I’ll just be another name on the internet, fighting for people’s attention.

2) Seems excessive: it feels like no one will watch or read my created content because there are so many other options out there, and way too much distraction to even complete watching/reading anything I put out.

But then I think, isn’t that just business? At the same time, I don’t just what to create blogs for others, or publish content on the web because I don’t see the value in publishing on the net, as it will reach people in a distracted way. I want to do something real, for example,

  • Start a service that helps with social change,
  • Helo people become in touch with their body and breath,
  • Enable better public facilities such as pedestrian crossings,
  • Help people work fewer hours and have a better lifestyle,
  • Create an impactful film, a piece of art or a book that would showcase Pakistan on an international scale, and bring in funding.
  • Help people get off social media and engage in deep work,
  • Get Pakistani youth to learn more about Urdu literature and the depth of their culture.

So the key themes I want to work on are:
• Creative
• Social
• Public Service
• Deep Work
• Storytelling + Film
• Writing
• Language & Literature
• Culture
• Lifestyle
• Mind-body connection
• Representation

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