Nature Heals - Day 92

I’m reading into bliss,
As the sun rays give a kiss,
This time I would not miss,
Nature can make you feel like this:

More focused, heart rested
Breath smooth, feeling collected

Butterflies all around, it’s a busy time
Birds flying, their sounds’ a natural chime

I pull out my camera,
Try to capture the flora

It’s a nature inclination,
To feel all this inspiration

Drained out in the city,
My mind went cold
Back in the woods,
Now I’m feeling consoled

Can this go on forever?
I wanna stay in nature’s embrace till September

September is the time,
For all my efforts to shine

I’ll put in the hard work this summer
My life’s the guitar & I’m the strummer

I’m hoping to follow the path of the yogi,
& become one with the lord like a jogi

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