Ignite 515 - Day 94

It’s May 15th, the moon’s about to eclipse
Inside a new life, we’re about to get a glimpse

5+1+5 is eleven and it’s 2022,
So 11-22 is the day that you knew you

You know who, it’s the one inside you
The one that hid away, but now she’s anew

She went to school, but it aged her soul
She went through life, with a gaping hole

Changes upon changes, and then stagnation
This life’s a strange trip, always on rotation

Cyclical, my life’s a pendulum
My dreams take me back to Jerusalem

Intuition guides me in dreams at night,
The stories that I’ve seen, I’ve gotta write

An opening is close, that’s for sure
New ideas now coming from the core

It’s another time to give up the fight,
Chase away the demons, it’s time to ignite

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