Obstacles - Day 96

Too many obstacles as I try to move on,
Trynna solve these issues but I feel so worn

Why do they come when I’m doing better?
Why do new ones show up, should I write them a letter?

I’m sure there’s a sign waiting to be seen,
But it’s shaking me hard, this fight is mean

Is the long fight going to make things worthwhile,
Or are these just distractions that are starting to compile?

How can I keep track, and stay strong still,
How can I progress, even with a strong will?

Either this is the path to brand new ways,
Or else I’m misguided & it’s another phase

I don’t know much, and I tend to know less
The more that I ask, I feel like it’s a big mess

Yet all of these are just wanting to be seen,
Should I pay them all attention and let them intervene?

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