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22-12-2020 random thoughts

“These are the characteristics of the rational soul: self awareness, self examination, and self determinations. It reaps its own harvest...It succeeds in its own purpose..” - Marcus Aurelius

Look inward, examine ourselves, make our own decisions.

Self examination, questions ones thoughts seems to be something that has become most topical for me in the last three years of life.

Why do i think this? What is the basis for that thought? Why am i angry? Who is making me angry? How do i change what i think and feel?

If i am not physically being attacked then the only person attacking me is myself by the thoughts that i choose to let linger. The power that i give my own thoughts is the cause of my distress.

I have nothing to want for. I have shelter, clothes and food. I am successful because i am alive.

The thing i am forgetting to do is to live. I need to be grateful for what i have and reconsider the power i give to my thoughts. I need to catch myself before i give power to tings that are not real. They only become real if i give them life. I need to be more careful with how i think.

I need to be more objective to my own thoughts!

19-12-20 the day that was - Crypto security, Ledger, Gumtree Scam

Crypto is all the rage again!

Funny stuff. I am a believer, but I do not trust the security of crypto at all. Let me explain.

To me it still seems like the Wild West. 

Smart knowledgeable people simply understand and can manipulate the system to their own advantage while the rest of us keep feeding coins into the amusement ride (for our own pleasure or pain).

I do think that the economic shift we are currently experiencing will involve crypto. To what extent I am still not sure. Remember that the people that hold power will keep rattling their sabers and make the adoption/transition into anything new as hard as possible. Until they have figured out a way to stand above the new paradigm, adoption will be along the fringes first.

My personal experiences with crypto security have jaded me completely and I known I am biased because of it.

Let me explain. Having put nearly $30k into currencies 2017 and 2018 I then decided to put everything into cold storage under the security of my ledger nano s.

I purchased my ledger nano a directly from Ledger in France as I was aware of man in the middle Hack’s where people have altered the ledger hardware to create exploits.

I keep my ledger nano in a safe with the paper backup with safe access limited to my wife and I. I installed the safe and it is hidden. No one knows we have a safe.

Towards the end of 2019 I went back to ethexplorer to view the current value of my holdings (viewing the addresses only accessible through my ledger nano s).

What I found is that my holdings had been moved away from my addresses (secured by my ledger) in Feb 2019.

This wasn’t done by me. I had not removed my ledger from the safe until the time I checked the holding value.

I contacted ledger support to as WTF. They told me that I must have purchased my ledger through eBay and it was hacked. Sorry no. I provided them with my details and they confirmed that yes, I had indeed purchased it directly from them.

They then asked me about my paper key phrase backup, that it must have been given to someone else. Sorry , wrong again.

I explained and sent pictures to them of my safe.

What happened next was the final insult in this soul destroying experience, ledger just closed my support ticket saying that it had been resolved.

Bullshit. They did nothing.

So this is the problem with security and fraud in an online world. There is zero recourse for matters like these. Decentralisation and minimal regulation means “two forks to you” is acceptable customer support.

Really, what can I do. I’m based in Australia, ledger is in France. I lost over $30k which means nothing to no one on an international level (prosecution level).

In Australia I would have to report this as a crime, at my local police station to get a crime report number. What a joke. I would be laughed at upon the opening explanation.

Let’s consider that I Did get through that fun experience, then what?

Next step is to report it to the Australian Cyber Crime website. Having done this once before for a Gumtree (thanks for nothing ebay) scam I can tell you that this too goes no where.

Segway for a moment: on the Gumtree scam, I paid with Paypal and the payment to the recipient was flagged for fraud. I rang Paypal to ask them why as at the time i wasnt sure if it was the sender or receivers end fraud was claimed. Paypal on the phone advised they cannot say due to privacy constraints. The system (the privacy act) protect scammers and the networks keep taking the transaction fees with little recourse for their actions (or lack of).

The details of the Gumtree scam were:

I was caught in a postage scam. Goods paid for with a legal a contract for sale was in place, but never sent. The scammer even went so far (as part of the scam) to SMS message so they could then get screen shots and manipulate the text to support their scam (I am not kidding you). By the way, i still have the phone number for this scammer (it routes internationally), i do call it from time to time and yes the same person still answers. One day I will investigate this again and will litigate the scammer once i can get all their details. A price will be paid.

In speaking with our national postage carrier they told me postage scams happen everyday and they can’t do much about it. I couldn’t even get any details from them to do with my scammer because it was a breach of the privacy act and the carrier coil I’ll only disclose with a court order.

To get a court order you need to know who your taking to court/who to serve notice to.

It’s a fucking loop and the scammers are winning.

I love crypto. I believe it does have a part in the future. The thing is security and regulation are needed or faith in the system will be lost.

International (and local laws) are not in your favour.

Be safe with your crypto. Keep it in a large exchange is my recommendation. Don’t trust private companies with your hard earned money.

Remember, this is the new gold rush we are in. Thinking is optional in the quest for more gold.

Think twice before you make your decision.

Monday 7th December 2020

Thoughts, fears and hopes?

What am i lacking in attaining freedom from passion?

What for tranquility?

What am I?

How did i steer away from serenity?

What did i do that was unfriendly, unsocial, or uncaring?

What did i fail to do in all of these things

What bad habit did i curb today?

How am i better?

We’re my actions just?

How can i improve?

Thoughts, fears and hopes?

My fears are not achieving success based on effort expended. 

I was brought up with the belief that hard work pays off. 

I feel that i have worked hard all my life to date (in the workforce) but as yet to reap the benefits of hard work. 

I know that persistence is also a key to this mindset. Persistent continual action. I know that success is a journey and the journey is where one learns the tools and has the experiences necessary to teach the user what they need to be successful.

No one is born with anything. Skills are acquired through perseverance and focused attention (environment/exposure). Some people have a better ability that others to focus much faster in life than others. They are of more certain beliefs earlier in age.

My hopes? That effort pays off. That we achieve that with which we seek. We are rewarding for our experiences, that our effort pays off.

I am extremely cognizant that success is not a moment. I am also very aware that the journey is more important with the outcome. How we think and act along the way is of more importance than the final result. The result will be fleeting, a moment in time that too shall pass much faster than the journey.

If everything works out they way that i want things would not change dramatically from my current position. Other than having more available COH, building a new house and buying a nicer car and perhaps some travel.

Travel will become boring I’m sure. As exotic as it sounds flying and staying in hotels is not glamorous. We have a very capable house currently, more than we need. We have a car that allows us with transport. So fundamentally, we have all our needs covered. So in this way, we are already successful.

The other thing that plays on my mind is settling grievances, past experiences, putting people in their place. I think i feel this way because of my own personal morals/ethics. To not deliberately wrong another person, to cheat or steal from them.

I know i harbour great resentment towards people i used to work with because of their deliberate manipulation and greed. The way the cut out my father from the business he created in partnership was disgusting. I know people would say “that’s just business” but i disagree. We can all do this to another at any moment, in any way, but this is corrosive and leads to a toxic environment.

If we all turn to the darkness within is, to succumb to the will of our darkness i believe this would be satisfying in the short term but the long term ramifications of these actions would play heavily on our soul. Once this door is opened i do not believe we have the capacity to control or filter its pervasiveness from our subconscious. I believe that this darkness would poison everything within our life because it would form the foundation for which we measure our own actions and behaviors.

It’s easy to succumb to these dark thoughts. It would be easy to do something dark towards someone with which we have a grievance however the long term toll and ramifications of the action on our psyche would be too great a toll to pay.

I shall ponder on these thoughts some more.

18-12-2020 notes from the day that was

The great realisation from today was how some of my staff cannot work towards goals.

They need to have “small wins” to feel progressive.

The problem with this logic as I see it is they are failing to recognise the small wins that they are having.

The other point I noticed today is planning and execution, or lack of it. It seems that three staff members love to collect shiny new tasks then delightfully leave or “put on hold” their first in tasks.

They have the attention span of a gnat.

To counter this I am removing their ability to “self organise” as they have been doing, and shine a light of sorts to bring into focus and real clarity the companies priorities.

The easiest way I found to do this was hold a WIP meeting and ask all staff to write down what tasks and projects they have in front of them, the task frequency (one time, daily, weekly, monthly) the task progress, the expected due date and how long the task will take to complete.

After we did this for all staff, we then prioritized tasks OJ urgency and importance relative to our current objectives.

These tasks were then moved from the current WIP board and to the company planner board and task were assigned to the original starter and additional staff were then added to assist with reducing process time.

All staff were asked to add comments to tasks and references so that each task in the planner can be observed at any time to see its status.

Clearly we have a communication issue, and topics issue which is why we lack clarity and focus.

I was wrong to assume that staff could organise, plan and execute on assigned tasks. 

In the past when I tried to introduce daily stand ups I was told to “stop micromanaging”.

Lastly, we have an operations meeting every Friday. During this meeting which is essentially a long form weekly stand up, staff are asked for progress updates and problems. No staff have reported any problems in the last 6 months.

We sure do have our work cut out to get the ship pointing into the right direction.

17-12-2020 notes from the say that was

I think I am an insecure person.

Why do I think this?

I recently read an article that said that insecure people will avoid personal interactions. They will avoid situations they cannot control or feel like they are in control of.

I don’t avoid anything. Far from it. I enjoy robust discusssions. I enjoy seeing how far people can push themselves mentally and physically to overcome perceived and immediate problems.

I enjoy challenges.

However, I cannot stand whining. Holy shit. Nagging whinging people who fail to plan, think or review their work. They message or phone and ask obvious questions, obvious or logical to those who actually read and thought about what they were asked to do.

It feels like people are abdicating their own voice for fear of standing out. Everyone is just trying to blend in to the noise, except for the narcissists who love social media.

The ultimate endorphin hit. Just one more post/like/comment/whatever.

Give me strength in all that I do and to become the person that I know I can be.

Everyday in every way I grow stronger and stronger.

I know this sounds corny but I like reading this to remind myself to watch what I think.

First. I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my Definite Purpose in life, therefore, I DEMAND of myself persistent, continuous action toward its attainment, and I here and now promise to render such action.

Second. I realize the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward, physical action, and gradually transform themselves into physical reality, therefore, I will concentrate my thoughts for thirty minutes daily, upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to become, thereby creating in my mind a clear mental picture of that person.

Third. I know through the principle of auto-suggestion, any desire that I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression through some practical means of attaining the object back of it, therefore, I will devote ten minutes daily to demanding of myself the development of SELF-CONFIDENCE.

Fourth. I have clearly written down a description of my DEFINITE CHIEF AIM in life, and I will never stop trying, until I shall have developed sufficient self-confidence for its attainment.

Fifth. I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure, unless built upon truth and justice, therefore, I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects. I will succeed by attracting to myself the forces I wish to use, and the cooperation of other people. I will induce others to serve me, because of my willingness to serve others. I will eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, and cynicism, by developing love for all humanity, because I know that a negative attitude toward others can never bring me success. I will cause others to believe in me, because I will believe in them, and in myself.

Book Highlights: The Great CEO Within


Never do a 50 50 split, there must always be a decision maker

PMF customers are willing to buy and recommend your product to others

PMF revenue, renewal, NPS

PMF $1mm in ARR

starts usually fail because they grow too early


Inbox zero

2mins or less do anything else into next actions

process emails once in the morning and once in the afternoon

2 hours a day of me time - no interruptions


top goal framework

better and more decision making and processing time in the morning than later int he day

Let people know you will be late as soon as you realise it

being present - composed prepared and focussed on the subject matter

leave your phone in your pocket or face down during the meeting

when you say it twice write it down

in any situation ask what is wrong here and what is right here

what is good about this team member

what is good about my company

let people know when they do something or you hear something nice about them

reserve on hour each week for follow ups and outreach

say thank you and don’t rob other people of their goal

do things that energise you

did that activity give me energy or drain me of energy

the key in any organisation is for people to be transparent about what their zone of genius is , then map all activities to the right people through areas of responsibility

trust dissipation is correlated to geographical distance

**sales rep - smooth the way, find the key decision maker, make sure that person is listened to, build trust, make promises about the functions of your product, customer has a point of contact when Things need sorting

*The technical chasm* - book title vast majority of people are struggling for air and barely staying afloat in the face off technological changes. It’s a battle to fight if you want your customers to be successful

best way is to make things simpler

**dedicated agents to hand hold your customers through the on boarding process, answer questions and be on hand if any technical issues pop up


Get a company meditation app like Calm or headspace

Sleep cycle app

David Swensen book - unconvential success: A fundamental approach to personal investment

Invest in index funds - no carry and fixed fees - vanguard



create buy in when people fee they are apart of the decision and their input contributes towards the final outcome

the more influence they have in the outcome the more they will be invested in the final outcome

written straw man - hypothetical answer designed to inspire discussion

use different decision making depending on the magnitude of the decision - type 1,2,3


**anyone who wants to discuss an issue must write it up ahead of time to discuss along with the desired solution

**require that all people read the comment before the meeting ahead of time. Do not allow people to comment in the meeting unless they have commented ahead of time

include a detailed description of the issue and the proposed solution (guess if they dont know the answer)

all issues and proposed solutions be presented at the weekly team meeting


track all the RAPIDS that are in process and collect feedback on hoe to improve the process

**p47 Recommend Agree Perform Input Decide

create a spreadsheet for each RAPID created

**create a document for feedback - after each meeting ask participants to write their feedback on **what they would like to be different until the process is working smoothly

**each time a decision is made rate it as reversible or irreversible

impeccable agreements

precisely defined and fully agreed to

DRI directly responsible individuals

**all that is required that you only make agreements that they can commit to and they meet all the agreements they make - no apologies

If they fail a second time, the no longer work at the company



share all relevant information with your team both positive and negative

***P57 commitments start dont share information about individual compensation and individuals performance reviews

taking responsibility for ones circumstances (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually)

**Create a conscious leadership document for all to sign as part of their new contracts



What are the most important issues for me to solve in the next 90 days?

Proposed solution - how would you solve this?

When people feel distrust or dislike for each other, it is usually because they don't fee heard.

I only need to prove to you that i have heard you

repeat back what you said in summary form

Prove that each has heard what the other has said - verbally or in writing

P66 Anger - Fear Sadness Joy Excitement

encourage the separation of fact and judgement as much as possible

be specific about the actions the other person did and how it made them feel

**conclusions drawn from other persons actions are simply stories in their head, only the feelings one has, any specific actions are facts


put a capstone on the event

your not selling a product, your solving a problem.

what is the customers pain point/

**I think i heard you say...use it often

**it seems that you feel anger when?

Customer support and sales distill feedback and meet with the production team once a month to ensure feedback cycle


Use your values to guide your hire and fire

Let go of people who do not want 

Every week highlight a value and a person whose actions best exemplify the value that week

**incorporate company values into style guide

never allow lobbying to be successful, creates toxicity

**Levels & ladders

**Grade Level planning at 150 staff or more


requires reliable systems to move traffic, goods and by products

company folder system, wiki, goal tracking tools, areas of responsibility, no single poitn of failure, key performance indicators

Each departnment has its own folder

document that containns links to other documents 

(Teams Wiki with links externally)

When you do it twice, write it down

document every aspect of its operations so that its team members can quickly setup into a new role

Book highlights: Who - solve your #1 problem



Mission for

Outcomes - OKRS 3-5 main

Hire specialists

P30 - Critical competencies for A players


Honesty and integrity

Organization and planning


Follow through on commitments


Analytical skills

Attention to detail




Ability to hire A players

Ability to develop people


Calm under pressure

Strategic thinking/visioning



Work Ethic

High standards

Listening skills

Openness to criticism and ideas






Ego under control

Requisite intellect


not evaluating cultural fit is one of the biggest readons for hiring mistakes

what adjective would you use to describe our culture?

transalte your culture and values into a series of competencies that matter for every job

Be clear about the type of peaople you are looking for

Scorecards are the guardians of your culture

Scorecards begin with your strategy

***beat your competitors by focusing on great service


set expectations

Monitor employee progress over time

objectify your annual review system

Allow you to rate your team annually as part of a talent review process


Linking our business plan to peoples jobs

clear expectations

its all about specific skill set you need when you need it

decide on a few competencies that really matter

P44: how to crate a scorecard

Mission for "customer service"

Outcomes: three to eight objective outcomes

Competencies: role based

Ensure alignment & communicate: compare with business plan

Source: generating a flow of a players

Of all the ways to source candidates, the number one method is to ask for referrals from your personal and professional networks

constantly on the hunt for talented people to bring into the company

'Who are the most talented people you know that i should hire?


Talented people know talented people

Who are the most talented people you know that I should hire?

Ask your customers for the names of the most talented salespeople who call on them.

Ask your business partners who they think are the most effective business developers.

who knows your needs and culture better than the people already working for you

Source three candidates who can pass a phone screen

**Internal sourcing scorecard - source x number of A player candidates per year - then reward those who achieve or exceed the goal

Rewards up to $5000 if the company hires somebody the deputy sourced

P56 - Arowana advisory board stock provided

**hiring researches to augment your sourcing efforts - identify names for your internal recruiting team or managers to pursue

Orient recruiting researchers to your culture, business needs, management style and preferences,

**Sue recommended that you and I connect. I understand that you are great at what you do. I am always on the lookout for talented people and would love the chance to get to know you. Even if you are perfectly content in your current job, I’d love to introduce myself and hear about your a career interests.

**now that you know a little about me, who are the most telented people you know who might be a good fit for my company?

**How to source

  1. referrals from your professional and personal networks
  2. Referrals from your employees
  3. Deputising friends of the firm
  4. Hiring recruiters
  5. Hiring researchers
  6. Sourcing systems

Select - the four interviews for spotting a players

A series of four interviews

use the time to collect facts and data about somebody’s performance track record that spans decades

the four interviews are:

the screening interview

the who interview

the focussed interview

the reference interview

the screening interview

short phone base interview designed to clear out B & C players

eliminate peoplw who are inappropriate for the role as soon as possible

conduct by phone and takes no more than 30 minutes

**P70 - Interview guide

what are your career goals

share career goals that match your company needs. Talented people know what they want and are not afraid to tell you about it.

you also want them to speak with passion and energy about topics that are aligned with the Role

what are you really good at professionally

Push candidates to tell you 8-12 positives so you can build a complete picture of their professional aptitude. Ask for examples (For context)

If you see a major gap between someones strengths and the scorecard, screen that person out

what are you not good at or not interested in doing professionally

use the fear of the reference check - what do you think they will say are some things you are not good at Or not interested in?

you need to identify at least 5-8 areas where a person falls short, lacks interest, or doesn’t want to operate

who were your last five bosses and how will they each rate your performance on a 1-10 scale when we talk to them?

What makes you think they will rate you a 7?

you are looking for lots of 8,9,10 - 7 neutral and 6s and below actually bad

Set the call up at the start with:

I’m looking forward to our time together, here’s what I’d like to do. I’d like to spend the first 20 minutes getting to know you, after that I’m happy to answer any questions you have so you can get to know us?

Now you can launch into your screening questions

P74 - how to collapse the call or get more information

Do this persons strengths match the scorecard?

Are the weaknesses manageable

Get curious

What, how, tell me more


gut feel and instinct should be used in determining who not to hire


Who interview guideline P82->

  1. What were you hired to do?
  2. discover their scorecard, goals and targets, how was their success measured?
  3. what was their mission and key outcomes?
  4. What accomplishments are you most proud of?
  5. discussion around peaks of a persons career
  6. accomplishments that match your scorecard are most desirable
  7. when accomplishments lack correlation to the expectation of the job
  8. a players talk about outcomes, b & c talk about events, people they met, aspects they liked without ever getting into results
  9. What were some low points during that job
  10. what really went wrong?
  11. what was your biggest mistake
  12. what would you gave done differently?
  13. what part of the job did you not like?
  14. in what ways were your peers stronger than you?
  15. Who were the people you worked with, Specifically? - (TORC threat of reference check)
  16. What was your bosses name and how do you spell that? (forcing them to spell sends a message)
  17. What was it like working with him/her? What will he/she tell me were your biggest strengths and areas for improvement?
  18. How would you rate the team you inherited on an ABC scale? What changes did you make? Did you hire anybody, fire anybody? how would you rate the team when you left on an ABC scale?
  19. Why did you leave that job?
  20. We’re the candidates promoted, recruited or fired
  21. were they taking the next step or running from something
  22. how did they feel about it?
  23. how did their boss react to the news
  24. find out why

Boards make mistakes when they dont take the time to learn about the story about the person

the who interview is a chrononological walk through of a persons career


Divide a persons career into chapters

each chapter could be a job or a group of jobs that span 3-5 years

then ask five questions for each of the eight chapters

start with the earliest then move forward - as ther career unfolded

who interview - three hours or 90 minute for entry level roles

conduct the interview with a colleague

one person ask questions while the other takes notes

start with setting expectations - p93


Master tactic - interrupting

Interrupt once every three or four minutes to keep the candidate on course

im really excited to hear more about such and such approach works best that’s the shut you up approach

Use the three P’s

questions you can use to clarify how valuable an accomplishment was in any context

  1. how did your performance compare to the previous years performance?
  2. How did your performance compare to the plan?
  3. How did your performance compare to that of your peers?

Push versus pull

people who perform well are generally pulled to greater opportunities

people who perform poorly are often pushed out of their jobs

do not hire anybody who has been pushed out of 20% or more of their jobs

Ask =, why did you leave that job?

push - it was mutual, it was time for me to leave, my boss and I were not getting along

pull - my biggest client hired me, my old boss recruited me to a bigger job

painting a picture

you always try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. What happened in your last job? Why did that not work out, you are trying to put yourself in their shoes to understand how and why they are making decisions and handling problems

stopping and the stop signs

watch for shifts in body language and other inconsistencies

the biggest indicator is when you hear inconsistencies

get curious when you hear this and find out exactly how great they actually did

The focussed interview P100

focussed interviews allow you to gather additional, specific information about your candidate

these interviews offer a chance to involve other team members directly in the hiring process

It is focussed on the outcomes and competencies of the scorecard

what how tell me more

keep asking until you understand what the person did and how she did it

be sure to include competencies and outcomes that go beyond the specifics of the job to embrace the larger values of the company


fastmoving, aggressive company, results oriengaged, work toward continIOU’s improvement, customers and products matter first and foremost.

one cultural fit interview for every candidate

after the who interview, ensure people are capable and able to thrive in the environment of

**page 104 goes through the interview day process

the reference interview - testing what you learned


three things to do to have successful reference interviews

pick the right references

ask the candidate to contact the references to setup the call

conduct the right number of reference interviews

interview three past bosses, two peers or customers and two subordinates

refernce interview questions page 107 (same as screening interview questions)

what, how tell me more questions for context - framework for clarifying responses

the best way to learn about a ceo is not to talk to their boses but their subordinates

you want To get down two or three levels

if they just confirm dates of employment, this is a bad sign - if someone really thinks that person is good, they are going to do more than that

if the statements are red flags

ask when confronted with ups and ers - what do they mean etc

faint praise in interviews is daring praise

you want 90% or better chance on your scorecard versus skills p 114 and p115

red flags - candidate Dow’s not mention past failures


takes credit for others work

speaks poorly of past bosses

cannot explain job moves

pople most important to the candidate are unsupportive of change

candidate has never had to hire or fire

candidate is more interested in compensation and benefits than the job itself

candiate tries too hard to look like an expert

candidate is self absorbed


P121 - how to select an A player



five ways to seal the deal and get over the line

put yourself in his or her shoes

fit, family, freedom, fortune, fun


ties together the companies vision, needs and culture with the candidates goals strenights and values - here is where the company is going and this is how you fit in


what can we do to make this as easy as possible for your family?


is the autonomy of the candidate to make their own decisions and I will not micromanage you


reflects the stability of your company

if you accomplish your objectives, you will make x over the next 5 years


describes the work environment and the personal relationships you will make

Selling Fit

The better the fit the higher the chances of success

fit means showing your candidate how his or her goals, talents and values fit into your vision, strategy and culture

Show that you are as concerned with the fit for them as you are in the fit for you


goals strengths and values of its recruits

focus on selling the spouse, children and friends of the candidate


demonstrating how A candidate would be rewarded if he or she joined your company

***Pay people on a performance basis

Link it against the scorecard

**define the scorecard for Sean - OKRS define from company - then we can talk to these points

Page 44 - Mission - outcomes - competencies - ensure alignment and communicated

Small improvements for contractors - EGPR KPIS, Waheed, Ana Holt

Thinking big, developing the business

What concerns do they have?

Software access - email, Slite, Monday.com

Great leaders are persistent



consumer products


Screening interview/who interview/Focussed interview/reference interview/Skill will bulls eye

Youve got to do whatever it takes when you are sure you have identified the right person

**Lookup paragraph structure subject and predicate - supporting points

How to install the a mehod for hiring in your company

  1. make people your top priority
  2. follow the a method yourself
  3. build support among your executive team
  4. Cast a clear vision for the organisation and reinforce it through every communication with he broader team
  5. Train your team on best practices
  6. Remove barriers that imode success
  7. Implement new policies tha support change.
  8. no scorecard, no job requisition
  9. Recognise and reward those who use the a method and achieve results
  10. Remove manager who are not on board
  11. Celebrate wins and plan for more change


Learned to accept coaching -

Develop the key leadership skill o picking a players


gain a thorough understanding of hiring issues before you begin



standardization of the hiring process

use he she or they

An a player is someone who accomplishes the goals on the scorecard

An a player is not an all round athlete

An A player is someone who accomplishes the outcomes you define in a manner consistent with your culture and values

A players get the job done while embracing the culture

A players can do the work well together because each understands and is selected for a unique role in the broader context of the team

the scorecards changes the hire you climb in an organization

what got you promoted one rank wont necessarily get you promoted to the next

Build scorecards for each role by reviewing the strategy for each business unit and its implications on each position for today and especially for two to three years out

Not everyone has to be good at everything, they just have to be good at one thing

***To figure out he scorecard for what matters in the job, just think about what success looks like for the role and how you could measure it through metrics or observations

Finished book - yay

Book highlights: This is marketing - Seth Godin

Marketing is our quest to make change on behalf of those we serve, and we do it by understanding the irrational forces that drive each of us.

People want what you make will do for them. they want they way it will make them feel.

Belonging, connection, peace of mind, status, fear (fomo)

the thing you sell is simply a road to achieve those emotions

Be part of something bigger than oneself

Hopes and dreams of customers, listen to their frustrations and invest in changing the culture


In the business of making change happen

What promise are you making?

All effective marketing makes a promise

If this works for you you are going to discover Y

Slogans give you an i nsight into the kind of promise you make

your promise is directly connected to the change you seek to make and it is addressed to the people you seek to change

Whos it for?

Worldviews and personas - chose people based on what they dream of, believe and want, use psychographics instead of demographics

Begin with a worldview and invite people who share that worldview to join us

Begin instead with the smallest viable market - the minimum number of people you would need to influence to make it worth the effort

Who will you seek to serve

Choose the people most open to hearing your message, the smallest viable market

**who we are for: we are skincare for people with problematic skin, who's skin type doesn't fit in with generic "for everyone" skincare brands, who want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and who's lives have been effected by Cancer and want a chance to do something that feels right to support research into cancer and anti aging (CARF).

**Loving Ellus & Krue is a way of expressing yourself. Becoming part of the movement is an expression of who you are. That love leads to traction, engagement, and to evangelisim. That love becomes part of your identity, a chance to do something that feels right, to express themselves through their contributions, their actions, and the badge they wear.

the change we are looking to make: vision & mission statements insert here

***Customer development: gaining traction with customers, finding product market fit

Customers are our students - "Derek Research teaches them all about his work into Cancer and Aging"

Find the swimming pools instead of the ocean

Its also possible that you failed to be clear about who it was for in the first place

My product is for people who belive XXX

I will focus on people who want XXX

I promise that engaging with what i make will help you get XXX


joy status and satisfaction from your purchase (support carf)

the people you seek to serve, what do they believe, what do they want

searching for a feeling, not a logical truth



**choose your axis carefully - you dont compete you are just on the same board

**performance, ingredients, purity, sustainability, safety, professionalism

**put your brand next to an emotion - safe, powerful, beautiful, worthy, responsible, connected

focus the hard work and energy into making change happen

if we can accept that people have embraced who they have become, it gets a lot easier to dance with them, to have a chance to connect with them


we begin with a group that we seek to serve, a problem we seek to solve with he thing that makes us more clever than everyone else

if we merelt try to fill a hole in the market we are doomed to a cycle of rear view mirror behaviour

page 69 - good stories

**EGPR - mission and vision - core values and core focus pass this not them

****E&K is a cause related company, we cannot pretend to be anything other than this -

**Ellus and Krue is a skincare company for 25-45 year old Educated women who want socially responsible and ethical products made from quality ingredients that work to reduce skin aging /skin inflammation and reduce fine lines and wrinkles **

people want to be understood and served

emotional labour

the door is open to connection and growth

** what do you do is about a task, a measurable, a buyable thing

a description of the dream or desire

money is worthless, it is what you can buy with it that is meaningful

**helping you age well - age gracefully, not getting old before your time, even if Your old you can look, giving you time, - **fine lines and wrinkles - (anti aging skincare)

People confuse wants and needs

we need air and water and roof - everything else is a want

**P79 expressing dreams and fears

Assertions about what our audience, the folks we need to serve, what and need

begin with dreams and fears, with emotional states, and with the change your customers seek (the intro video with Derek speaks to this - aging is treatable)

**identify the feeling before you spend time making the product


people take action that reinforces their internal narrative


do people like me do things like this?

**Who is the Krue for?

***we buy the serum because we are smart (or not) - simple ingredients tested by time that work. no pseudoscience here.

marketers make change and they do it by normalizing new behaviours

we need to define who "us is"

***people like us donate to charities like this one

map and understand the worldview of the culture we seek to change


trust and tension create forward motion

new dads, engaged women and people who have recently moved - their pattern has been disrupted so they are easier to market to

***when you market to someone that doesnt have a pattern yet, you dont have to persuade them that their old choices were mistakes

**what pattern are you interrupting?

**get people to reconsider their allegiances - create tension -

**all effective education creates tension - because just before you learn something, you are aware you dont know it yet

**we dont want to feel left out, left behind, uninformed or impotent, we want to get ahead, we want to be in sync

if you arrive on the scene with yout story, with the solution that you have in mind, do you create tension? if you dont, the status quo is likely to survive


some people are hungry for a shift in status (up or down) while others will fight like crazy to maintain their roles

status takes many forms and is not always followers or $$ in the bank

status is relative

status in the eyes of the beholder

status attended to is the status that matters

status has inertia

status is learned

shame is the killer status

external satus - how they are seen by their chose community

internal status - who they see when they look in the mirror


how do they maintain or seek to change that status?

***enable people to create their status - open the door for you and others to enable them to increase their status

affiliation: who knows you, who trusts you, have you made things better, what is your circle like, where do you stand within the tribe, cant we all get along?

What is the narrative your audience resonates with ?

The way you see the world isnt't nearly as important as the worldview of those you seek to serve


business plans with five sections - Truth (market risk competition risk be clear on how you see the world state how things are) Assertions (product risk - how you are going to change things Alternative (execution risk - what will you do if things don’t work out the way you think) People (Execution risk attitudes and abilities and track record of shipping) Money (financial risk - spending, cash flow, P&L exit strategies)

Seth - the purpose of capitalism is to biuld our culture

What change do I seek to make

**purpose: to be respected, seen and appreciated

Describe the tension that you seek to create the status roles your engaging with, and the story that your bringing that will make the change happen - this is simply what we do

ruled out one more route in your quest to matter


** can we make our logo look like an existing “big company”??

the symbol is in the mind of the person looking at It

the logo needs to be a symbol

** a chance to fit in I’m progressive and I respect science and nature

logos are wrapped up in the brand promise (holy grail cup of life)

**get skincare users to care about and support cancer research and to express that care by using ellus and Krue skincare products

dirext marketing is action orientated and it is measured

brand marketing is culturally oriented and it can’t be measured


begin with the idea of earning this asset, the privelage of talking to people who would miss you if you were gone

every Friday send an email newsletter with Derek and interesting information about skincare research and products. No sales just permission content worthy of our readers.

Ask the readers what format they would prefer their news in, email video or audio or a combo - then give it to thrm

**Invest in the LTV of a customer, Building new things instead of trying to find new customers for your things

** if you can’t see the funnel don’t buy the ads

If you can measure the funnel and it costs too much for you to afford ads, don’t buy the ads. Fix the funnel first


**build trust with frequency

**instead you will make your impact by uniting those you seek to serve

**in order to satisfy the early adopters, you may need to annoy the masses

connected tribes are more powerful than disconnected ones (communities)

Aha for online community software - prisma log - telegram group


early adopters


need stories to match the worldviews

what reason do customers have to return after a single visit? (content/community)

create sufficient incentives

***tell a story about status

**need to be specific enough about who are first customers would be , what they might have wanted. believed and said

**the cost of entry is low and the payoff is quick


if you choose this, you can tell your board/investors/friend

if your fortunate there is a tribe that will listen to you and consider what you say

the goal is for them to miss you if you went away

**the story of self gives you standing a platform to speak, a chance to explain that you are people like us (active lifestyle, outdoors, skin cancer)

the story of us - why are we alike, why should we care


P233 and 234 rules for radicals

stick with your tactics long after everyone else is board of them. Only top when they stop working

dont make threats. do or dont do

p 234 and p235 quotes

dont say it all and dont make it obvious

the best marketers are farmers, not hunters. plant, tend, plow, fertalize, weed repeat

the easy sales are not always the important ones

** review card - tell your friends about the change you've noticed

** active, outdoor lifestyle, look after your health and well being, socially responsible

resonate with those that we seek to serve


trust gives us a chance to see

discover more joy or more productivity

**what are you going to do with that impact?

Its the process that brings joy (not the product)

**develop our point of view

marketing is a process and a craft

**people will only buy or donate because they believe its worth more than the entry price (cost)

what are we really selling?

the willingness to see and be seen


Branding is familiar - objective point of view

Objective: market position, brand message, core wording

secondary message - discoverable delight than lead message


authentic authenticity

Positioning as face of brand - how to react if scientists

**wrap up information - style kits and brand books to share with Lincoln

**familiarise about market - market research information - Lissy - 

Book highlights - Measure what matters - John Doerr


    Microsoft mission: everyone deserves a healthy and productive life

    Our mission: everyone deserves healthy skin

    Vision: inclusivity through healthy skin

    What can you be the best in the world at? (anti inflammation)

    Our biggest advantage was that we aimed higher!

    key results - sub goals

    When the goal is too aspirational it is bad for credibility

    The mission is directional

    An objective has a set of concrete steps that you intentionally engage and actually trying to go for. you need to know how you are going to get to your objective (KRs)

    Annual strategy review: what is the objective here?

    Pay close attention to weather your data is getting you to your ultimate goal


    The harder the goal the higher the level of performance

    talking point - page 135 - committed goals and aspirational goals

    what ”impossible” goal can we set for a product SKU or product line? (Features or function?)

    60 & 70% attainment on goals (as they are stretch goals every time to ensure greater than 10% growth, which the market will do by default

    What do we need to stop doing as well as start doing? (OKR considerations)

    how can our team create maximum value?

    what would amazing look like?


    when you aim for the stars, you may come up short but still reach the moon

    **Objective - develop the #1 day cream on the market

    **Key result: 5000 page hits per week/per day?

    When you set a measurable objective for the year, and chunk the problem quarter by quarter - moonshots become dooable

    measurable and trackable


    debate the company objectives to ensure they are clear

    this is the direction we want to go and this is how we are going to get there

    narrow your lost to three or four objectives

    the most important things need to get done first or they wont get doe at all (big rocks/pebbles & sand)

    singular core metric

    egress bandwidth: from data center to users

    put peoples names against company goals

    Stretch OKRs tend to set powerful forces into action (unintended, but great consequences)

    CFRs - conversation, feedback, recognition


    Monthly one one ones about how things are going

    second quarterly reviews against OKRS

    Third, professional development conversation, career trajectory, where they have been and where they want to go

    fourth self driven insight, positive reinforcement and feedback

    great job, what did you like about it?

    segregate raw goal scores from compensation decisions - need to look at context and causality talking about specific problems and situations teach skills and how to

    approach things

    the supervisor is there to learn and coach

    is he satisfied with his own performance, does some frustration or obstacle gnaw at him?

    does he have doubts about where he is going?

    page 183

    how best to align individual objectives and key results with organizational priorities

    if you dont know how well you are performing how can you get better?

    are these the right things for you and me to be focussed on? if we complete them will it be seen as a huge success? do you have any feedback on how I/we can stretch more

    What do you need from me to be successful?

    And now let me tell you what I need from you?

    Institute peer to peer recognition

    All hands meeting - unsolicited shout out to well dones

    establish clear criteria

    achievement of the month

    share recognition stories

    newsletters or company blogs

    make recognition frequent and attainable

    tie recognition to company goals and strategies

    leaders throughout the orgaisation take a proactive ownership of the process

    adobe four core values: genuine, exceptional, innovative, involved

    allocated budgets for incentives and equity, a pool of money to be distributed as they see fit


    teach you how to manage the business within existing limits

    you are paid for the quality of the decisions you make

    each quarter consider how their decisions align with the company


    team sports don’t work unless the whole team plays together

    **convert some of the companies key results into their own objectives

    **Objective: complete company SOPS

    Key results: all departments SOPS defined in Slite ready for communication through Askspoke

    A really good company values different opinions, mines for dissent, and it finds ways to bring it up to the surface to mine it out

    ** gives you an opportunity to think what your doing and. How your goals roll up to what the company needed for the quarter

    ** objective - new revenue - marketing and repeat revenue (product)

    **who owns the customer

    ** how would you key result that goal?

    my KR is at risk

    Every two weeks, one hour one on one conversation: don’t talk about work, agenda is what you are trying to accomplish over the next two to three years, and how you are breaking that down into a two week plan. Three questions: What makes you happy, what saps your energy, How would you describe your dream job? Then I say “Look I want to tell you what my expectations are” This goal seems very important to you but you didn’t make a lot of progress on the last two weeks. Why is that?

    **breakdown our new vision and mission into OBJECTIVES AND KEY RESULTS

    KR **NPS of 42 or better

    KR **CSAT of X

    KR **75% of customers prefer Ellus & Krue over past brands

    ***Page 256 - writing effective OKRs

    pulsing gauges the organisation’s real time health - body, soul, work & culture

    ***Objective: determine product market fit

    look back at every quarter and hold our selves accountable, look ahead every quarter to imagine how we can better live our values

    ** behaviour defines a company more meaningfully than product lines or market share

    **companies that our behave their completion will also out perform them

    the flatter the org chart the more agile the Organization.

    Organizational development officer

    **Success is based on transparent costs, quality and service, availability of choices - describe to me the value that you believe you have created for us in consideration of what you have been paid. Do you think that we have received equivalent value in consideration of what we paid? Equal value equation? Or unequal value equitation?

    OKRs are a way to connect everyone goals

    **Committed or aspirational OKRS - P257

    **What is the metric here (measurable) - specific, time

    **Selling your res - P231

    vote on the most important at risk reds

    then brainstorm together as long as it takes to get the objective back on track

    **objective: to self sustain our monthly burn (not require external funding)

    key result: to sell 10000 units by March

    Key result: 40% sales to be Serum

    key result: sell 1500 units per month

    How do we measure engagement? - open rates, convert to VIP program, repeat customers, purchases per quarter

    What actions does your passion lead you to do

    OKR colour coding is extremely important

    If everything is green you have failed

    More ambitious goals


    We use a process called objectives and key results (OKRs) to help us communicate, measure and achieve those lofty goals.

    We use OKRs to plan what people are going to produce, track their progress vs plan, and coordinate priorities and milestones between people and teams. We used OKRs to help people stay focused on the most important goals, and help them avoid being distracted by urgent but less important goals.

    0.0 - 0.3 is read

    0.4 - 0.6 is yellow

    0.7 - 1.0 is green

    Objectives are the whats, they:

    • express goals and intents
    • are agressive yet realistic
    • must be tangible, objective and unambiguous, should be obvious toa rational observer weather an objective has been achieved
    • the successful achievement of an objective must provide clear value to E&K

    Key results are the hows, they:

    • express measurable milestones which, if achieved, will advance objectives in a useful manner to their constituentsmust describe outcomes, not activities. if your KRs include words like "consult, help, analyze or participate" they describe activities. Instead describve end user impact of these activities:m "publish, rather than assess"
    • must include evidence of completion. must be available, credible and easily discoverable, examples includes change lists, links to docs, notes and metric reports

    Cross team OKRs

    • all teams should have OKRS describing their ccommitment to deliver their part of the project.

    Committed versus aspirational OKRs

    Commitments are OKRs that we agree will be achieved and we will be willing to adjust schedules and resources to ensure that they are delivered.

    • the expected score for a committed OKR is 1.0, a score of less than 1.0 requires explanation for the miss, as it shows errors in planning and or/execution.

    Aspirational OKRs express how we'd like the world to look, even though we have no clear idea how to get there and/or the resources necesasry to deliver the OKR.

    aspirational OKRs have an expected average score of 0.7 with high variance