Book Highlights: The Great CEO Within


Never do a 50 50 split, there must always be a decision maker

PMF customers are willing to buy and recommend your product to others

PMF revenue, renewal, NPS

PMF $1mm in ARR

starts usually fail because they grow too early


Inbox zero

2mins or less do anything else into next actions

process emails once in the morning and once in the afternoon

2 hours a day of me time - no interruptions


top goal framework

better and more decision making and processing time in the morning than later int he day

Let people know you will be late as soon as you realise it

being present - composed prepared and focussed on the subject matter

leave your phone in your pocket or face down during the meeting

when you say it twice write it down

in any situation ask what is wrong here and what is right here

what is good about this team member

what is good about my company

let people know when they do something or you hear something nice about them

reserve on hour each week for follow ups and outreach

say thank you and don’t rob other people of their goal

do things that energise you

did that activity give me energy or drain me of energy

the key in any organisation is for people to be transparent about what their zone of genius is , then map all activities to the right people through areas of responsibility

trust dissipation is correlated to geographical distance

**sales rep - smooth the way, find the key decision maker, make sure that person is listened to, build trust, make promises about the functions of your product, customer has a point of contact when Things need sorting

*The technical chasm* - book title vast majority of people are struggling for air and barely staying afloat in the face off technological changes. It’s a battle to fight if you want your customers to be successful

best way is to make things simpler

**dedicated agents to hand hold your customers through the on boarding process, answer questions and be on hand if any technical issues pop up


Get a company meditation app like Calm or headspace

Sleep cycle app

David Swensen book - unconvential success: A fundamental approach to personal investment

Invest in index funds - no carry and fixed fees - vanguard


create buy in when people fee they are apart of the decision and their input contributes towards the final outcome

the more influence they have in the outcome the more they will be invested in the final outcome

written straw man - hypothetical answer designed to inspire discussion

use different decision making depending on the magnitude of the decision - type 1,2,3


**anyone who wants to discuss an issue must write it up ahead of time to discuss along with the desired solution

**require that all people read the comment before the meeting ahead of time. Do not allow people to comment in the meeting unless they have commented ahead of time

include a detailed description of the issue and the proposed solution (guess if they dont know the answer)

all issues and proposed solutions be presented at the weekly team meeting


track all the RAPIDS that are in process and collect feedback on hoe to improve the process

**p47 Recommend Agree Perform Input Decide

create a spreadsheet for each RAPID created

**create a document for feedback - after each meeting ask participants to write their feedback on **what they would like to be different until the process is working smoothly

**each time a decision is made rate it as reversible or irreversible

impeccable agreements

precisely defined and fully agreed to

DRI directly responsible individuals

**all that is required that you only make agreements that they can commit to and they meet all the agreements they make - no apologies

If they fail a second time, the no longer work at the company



share all relevant information with your team both positive and negative

***P57 commitments start dont share information about individual compensation and individuals performance reviews

taking responsibility for ones circumstances (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually)

**Create a conscious leadership document for all to sign as part of their new contracts



What are the most important issues for me to solve in the next 90 days?

Proposed solution - how would you solve this?

When people feel distrust or dislike for each other, it is usually because they don't fee heard.

I only need to prove to you that i have heard you

repeat back what you said in summary form

Prove that each has heard what the other has said - verbally or in writing

P66 Anger - Fear Sadness Joy Excitement

encourage the separation of fact and judgement as much as possible

be specific about the actions the other person did and how it made them feel

**conclusions drawn from other persons actions are simply stories in their head, only the feelings one has, any specific actions are facts


put a capstone on the event

your not selling a product, your solving a problem.

what is the customers pain point/

**I think i heard you say...use it often

**it seems that you feel anger when?

Customer support and sales distill feedback and meet with the production team once a month to ensure feedback cycle


Use your values to guide your hire and fire

Let go of people who do not want 

Every week highlight a value and a person whose actions best exemplify the value that week

**incorporate company values into style guide

never allow lobbying to be successful, creates toxicity

**Levels & ladders

**Grade Level planning at 150 staff or more


requires reliable systems to move traffic, goods and by products

company folder system, wiki, goal tracking tools, areas of responsibility, no single poitn of failure, key performance indicators

Each departnment has its own folder

document that containns links to other documents 

(Teams Wiki with links externally)

When you do it twice, write it down

document every aspect of its operations so that its team members can quickly setup into a new role

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