The Field Gear Saga

My goal has been to make sure I have all the gear I need to purchase done and in my possession a few weeks before I start. All to eliminate the need for last minute purchases. This effort has become a really odd series of events. I ordered a set of items from a surplus place, big thing I need is a pack as I have one that is too small for my gear and the field gear and one that is pretty much overkill for a day pack and will be my primary gear pack. Find the items I want all in one place and decent prices. Order arrives and gets stolen, yay porch pirates. I gave it a couple days to see if it would turn up checked with the post office to see what they would say and the company I ordered from. I also panic purchased a second pack, which is fine cause they are always useful. Company I ordered from, very kindly, offered to replace my order. They are now a company I will be ordering from again. Greatly appreciated. In the meantime, the other pack I ordered is sitting in limbo with no estimated delivery day, just a "delay." If that actually shows up before I start I will be amazed at this point.

I also ordered a new pair of field boots, since my current ones have no tread and are not very protective from cactus spines, something I paid for every week last year. I must have entered the wrong e-mail address. Since I never got a receipt for the order even though it is very much processed on my account. I need to not order things in a rush or make the assumption I will get the e-mail. This will require a call to know when it will be delivered since I don't have the order number or the e-mail address I used to when setting up the order because I got lazy.

I still have a few more things to get and I am not sure I want to order them if this trend is going to continue. I will have to be more adamant on making sure I have everything correct and recording order numbers so I don't end up with this mess again.

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