Why 1-2 Hours Each Night? [SC3]

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What is my goal for spending 1-2 hours every night learning about market gardening?

In the next 6 months, I will transform Pu Den's backyard (in an agriculture cooperative in Kompong Cham) into a market garden that generates side income to sustain its operation and demonstrates to the villagers this new way of regenerative gardening. The extra income here is not really the main objective. What I find very valuable is the experience I can get from this opportunity to test out this model of smallholder farming. It will allows me to learn hands-on about how to establish and operate a market garden in Cambodia, which is quite a new idea and hasn't been done widely yet.

This experience is very important to prepare me for what I am going to do next after I finish my 1-year work with CPSA and the agriculture cooperative. I want to start my own market garden and eventually establish a regenerative agriculture center.

Even though I decided to begin my regenerative organic farming journey with market gardening it is not the only thing I planned to explore and master. There are other types of farming such as regenerative agriculture, no-dig gardening, square foot gardening, nomadic gardening, agro-forestry, biodynamic farming, permaculture, and syntropic farming that fascinates me tremendously. All these models, philosophies, and wisdoms of farming are still alien to farmers, youths, and the people of Cambodia. That's why localizing these knowledge both in theory and practice is very crucial.

Therefore, my 1-2 hours investment in learning about market gardening is a start to many more broader concepts and tasks.

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