Floorwork Workshop 3 hours

FLOORWORK WORKSHOP, 3 hours in Rört 3. Oct 2020, 12-15 (Vermundsgade 13, 2100 KBH Ø)

Floorwork, you say? As children we crawl, as grown-ups we fall. Everybody can and should develop their moving relationship to the floor. Movement skills on the floor are great for many sports, all types of dance, as well as parkour and acrobatics. It can help prevent injury and mobilize your body - but is also a general life skill that can increase your everyday embodied sense of freedom. 

In this workshop, Peter Hunter will present a mix of efficient movements close to the ground inspired by dance and quadropedi and reactive partner exercises to develop mobility, coordination, grace and creativity. The practice will be underpinned by reflections on longevity, injury prevention, body intelligence and adaption. 

That all sounds great, but what are we REALLY doing? I'm glad you ask. Specifically, we'll build a vocabulary for ground positions, use that vocabulary to build some sequences and improvise using tasks and partner work, and finally finish even closer to the ground with shoulder rolls.

If you want to see what it looks like: https://youtu.be/Qrfwz2uCqx0

Prerequisites: This workshop is not designed for complete beginners. :)  But an open mind is more important than a certain level of strength or endurance. If you have an injury, this workshop might not be for you. 

Corona-notice: 1) Wash hands upon entry in Rört 2) Partner work is done with only one other partner (join with a friend to minimize risk) 3) Peter will hand-sanitize between working with different people.

Questions 🡢 hello@peterhunter.dk


normal 275 DKK | student etc 225 DKK 

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Peter Hunter has a mixed background from dance, parkour, yoga, acrobatics and more. After restarting his life in 2010, embodied practices became a central part of his recovery from shame, addication and a history of petty crime. Movement was the most profound foundation for growth, learning, connection and healing after years of stress, isolation and self-destructive patterns. Today Peter shares his erspective on living an embodied life with knowledge and inspiration from his own work as a student of many teachers. Peter is also a physiotherapist and member of 1% For The Planet.

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