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If you struggle with running, feel like a complete beginner or don't feel ready for a 45 minute run like in the Rört Löb classes, this is the workshop for you.

There are a lot of myths about running that can keep us from finding joy and confidence in running. Peter Hunter, physiotherapist and barefoot runner, will present practical theory on the subject of getting (back) into running. You can expect to learn basics about foot health, load management and what science says about risk of injury related to running: pronation, running style, type of shoe etc...

We'll also get specific and practical, getting an overview about where we are and doing some simple running exercises. So bring a notebook and all-weather running clothes.

As a whole, this workshop will

  • Increase you knowledge about your own running body and running in general
  • Cover basic running injury facts
  • Give you principle-based actionable approach to getting (back) into running
  • Teach you running technique in a playful and explorative manner.
  • NOT simply recommend minimalistic shoes, forefoot strike and barefoot running :)

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If you want to read or listen to some of my thoughts related to running:

This workshop has been created by request from a member whose story you can read here (shared with permission):

"I only started running a couple of months ago.

I have been using a couch to 5k app. I haven't been disciplined enough to do it really regularly so I have been losing momentum and am stuck in week one - running and walking alternately for 2mins. After 2 mins, my breath becomes laboured and my mind wants a break. After 30 mins of this, I notice a tightness in my left inner thigh and I wonder if this is because my running posture isn't properly aligned.

The thing is, I do feel amazing afterwards; I feel energised and proud of myself and really want to break through to being able to run longer and more often. I want to get fitter, build muscle strength, stamina and stimulate cardio strength too. If I lose a few kilos along the way ... great!

I think there could be a few people out there like me, who want to run and have tried but need a little support from a more experienced runner to get them started and you have that and LOTS more insight. It also really helps to run with others ... to help distract your mind from freaking out and giving up! I'm not ready to join the regular löb class ... but maybe eventually after a while."

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