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2021 looks simultaneously gloomy and full of potential. Here are my two cents to start it off wisely.

Moving the goalpost means to alter the rules to suit one's own objective, making it moredifficultforsomeoneelse to succeed. Such subterfuge can be a strong tactic...

Ironically, we defeat ourselves constantly in exactly this way. I definitely suffer from this unwilling tendency to move my goalposts before tasting the satisfaction and joy of having delivered, improved, or learned something new, or even just attempted something difficult.

Our goalposts tend to recede as we march towards them.

I have way too many examples of this, but off the top of my mind: being on a podcast, achieving the stalder press, meditating every day, having sex, getting my inbox to 0.

Is it just human to naively keep thinking that THIS goal, once reached, will truly satisfy me? It is definitely human to repeat the same mistake (and wish for different outcomes without changing behavior) again and again...

Well, it is also human to be able to grow wise and learn from mistakes. Living wisely, I think, counters the placement of life IN FRONT or AHEAD of us in a metaphorical landscape. Life is not OVER THERE in the FUTURE!

Life is rather 360 degrees AROUND and IN me, right HERE and NOW. Life is here in this very moment with every keyboard stroke, in the music playing in the background, in these slightly tired eyes looking at a screen.

I've marched towards many different WHATs, attaining them and marching onwards, rarely stopping to notice what happened. And I will continue to create meaning in that march. But... The WAY I currently step forward in whatever process is where satisfaction and joy are to be found.


MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL - Just want to mention this new playlist I made of all my follow-along videos so far, there are a bunch of mini-workouts, joint circles, and mobility stuff (both in EN and DK). Enjoy during the lock-down <3

TOMORROW! It's going to be strong...

CORE 4 COFFEE - Core-training Wednesday mornings 8-8:30 in January and February

Start your day off strong. Core 4 Coffee is back in 2021, after a great start in December. Forget your coffee ☕ and wake up with movement instead. Or do both, obviously ❤️️ Haven't tried it before? You can see videos of full-length sessions on the sign-up page.

IN MARCH! I'm almost ready to publish this event, it's still a bit WIP but if you're interested, save the date. I'll most likely give subscribers a 100DKK discount, write me if you're interested...

BREATH - En søndag formiddag i vejrtrækningens tegn (7. marts 9-12)

Will be taught in Danish. Denne 3 timers workshop i Yoga Vesterbro kompinerer praksis og teori i løbet af en skøn søndag formiddag. Jeg anbefaler at møde op på tom mave. Først er der ca 90 minutters mild bevægelse og vejrtrækningsøvelser på programmet og så skifter vi gear, hvor du kan læne dig tilbage og nyde et spændende oplæg om vejrtrækningens fysiologi. Læs mere her.

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EMBODIED ANATOMY COURSE (50hrs) - I'm counting on the weekends 9-11th and 23-25th of April. New dates because of lock-down. Dates are not officially up yet, figuring out if the last weekend intensive should be before (26-28 March) or after (14-16 May)


Present-moment awareness creates a gap not only in the stream of mind but also in the past-future continuum. Nothing truly new and creative can come into this world except through that gap, that clear space of infinite possibility.

- Eckhart Tolle

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