Standard Notes vs Zettlr

Differences between Standard Notes (SN) & Zettlr (Z)

Along with Libre Office, which is classic office software, I use SN and Z for note-taking.

Z > SN
(Key features of Z which SN doesn't provide)

  • Internal note links > Great for Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) ("building your own wiki")
  • Zotero Citation Management > Great for academic writing
  • Export to PDF / ODT > East to print and great for academic writing
  • All notes are created as files, and Z interacts directly with your folder system.
  • Free (although I support Z via Patreon)

SN > Z
(Key features of SN which Z doesn't provide)

  • mobile app and cross-platform sync > notes on the go
  • better for on-the-go note-taking and teaching
  • more focus on privacy, total encryption
  • easiest to "plug-and-play", as Z takes more tinkering to set up
  • Various editors available, Z is all mark-down.
  • direct publishing to blog at
  • Minimum 2.5 dollars a month for all features

SN = Z
(features that are shared between SN which Z)

  • dark mode
  • open source software

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