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Everything else


  • Today in Focus by The Guardian #news
  • The Daily by The New York Times #news


  • Den Grønne Løsning af Information (DK)
  • Citizens Climate Lobby
  • Doughnut Modellen med Anders Morgenthaler
  • The 80000 hours podcast
  • Long Now Seminars

Person-driven shows:

  • Team Human with Douglas Rushkoff
  • The Making Sense Podcast with Sam Harris
  • The Tim Ferriss Show
  • Joe Rogan Experience


  • Your Undivided Attention
  • Sway with Kara Swisher
  • a16z podcast #tech


  • Ram Dass Here and Now
  • Yoga Talks with J. Brown
  • Conspirituality
  • Det spirituelle hjørne med Annasophia


  • Where should we begin with Esther Perel
  • Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Marketing & Productivity

  • Adfærd med Morten Münster
  • Seth Godin's Startup School
  • Deep Questions with Cal Newport #productivity


  • Move your DNA by Katie Bowman
  • The Passive Hang
  • Behind the Movement with Kyle Fingham
  • Evolve Move Play Podcast
  • Rewilding Yourself by Daniel Vitalis
  • Manualen af Benjamin Hjertemod (DK)
  • Bevægelse og Co med

Strength and flexibility

  • PropaneFitness Podcast
  • Range of Strength Podcast by Lucas Aaron
  • Flexibility Focus with Dan van Zandt
  • Stærk og Smertefri med Jacob Beerman
  • Stronger by Science Podcast
  • Iron Culture
  • Beyond the Bend The steel bending podcast
  • Mark Bell's Power Project

Specific Practices

  • The Handstandcast with Emmet Louis and Mikael Kristiansen
  • The Rasberry Ape Podcast (BJJ) #strength


  • The Drive with Peter Attia
  • Lægens Ord med Imran Rashid (DK)
  • Living 4D with Paul Chek


  • E3 Rehab
  • The NAF podcast (Not Another Fysio) by Adam Meakins
  • Physio Explained
  • Fysiocast
  • The Recommended Dose with Ray Moynihan
  • Smerteuniverset (DK)


  • Moving toward Meaning with Chandler Stevens
  • Mbody podcast
  • The Embodiment Podcast with Mark Walsh
  • Med Kroppen som Øre af Sofie Kempf (DK)

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