Another meetup with Ngan and it seemed to worsen the situation. We met at The Hornet beer craft, we drank and talked happily until she cried again and reminded about the past. I suggested to get home soon and I was suprised to see her at the front door when I got home after visiting Dau for a hug. Ngan was too stubborn to accept the fact that we had broken up. I let her stay at my room. We talked a lot about the past, she was happy and suddenly she asked if I love Dau and I said yes and she told me she broke down. She left my room at 4am. Im worrying about her now so I decided to call her mom and update the situation...

Ngan called me in the evening before I hopped to badminton court. She was at Tam's house. She told me that before we broke up Tam had told her he wanted to get married with her. Tam told her to move into his house. Those words made me a little bit depressed, but I was relieved to see other man was with her. God blesses her.

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