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On Apr 01, I told Dau everything about Ngan situation. Dau reacted in a way which drew my admiration. And I thought that would be the woman I need in my life, not Ngan who I wasted too much time for and in return got nothing. So I decided to end all communication with Ngan in the morning. I deleted all Telegram messages, removed the photo album of us and she already blocked me on Facebook. This may be the very end of our relationship. May God blesses her all the strength and courage and bravery ...
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Another meetup with Ngan and it seemed to worsen the situation. We met at The Hornet beer craft, we drank and talked happily until she cried again and reminded about the past. I suggested to get home soon and I was suprised to see her at the front door when I got home after visiting Dau for a hug. Ngan was too stubborn to accept the fact that we had broken up. I let her stay at my room. We talked a lot about the past, she was happy and suddenly she asked if I love Dau and I said yes and she told...
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Yesterday might be my last date with Ngan. Like our first dining at San Fu Lou, our last one took place at same place. She told me she had drunk a sip of wine before the date. She cried when she said sorry to me and my family. I felt depressed when I saw her crying like that, all hatred went away. I let her know that I had been in a new relationship which made her more depressed. Saying goodbye, I hold her hand in a way I had hold her when we still loved each other. Such a feeling which I could ...
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My feeling for Dau has been growing day by day. Our first movie together was Captain Marvel @ CGV CTPlaza. Our second movies was was Friend Zone. Yesterday she took photos of us and sent to her relative in Da Nang which made me happy. We laughed together, talked with each other with knowing when it ended. Yesterday I jumped to greater state when I hugged her my my hand and kissed her on the forehead. What a feeling. By the way, Ngan asked me to hang out today, and insisted that we will talk as ...
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Yesterday she sent me a apology letter, written in a sincere tune. Deep inside me was still hurt, but the feeling of vengence faded away. Let the love rest in peace, it is the best way ...
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This was not a good day, actually. It smelt like shit from the morning. The feeling of being cheated came back after 3 months being buried deep down in my subconcious. As usual, I came back to Saigon early at 4pm, doing my daily routine gym workout. The messages I had sent her and 4pm stay unresponded until 9pm which lighted up a big pile of suspicion. I decided to stand hiding near her door, which I had never before done that. And what to come had come, that guy came home with Ngan. I was speec...
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