This was not a good day, actually. It smelt like shit from the morning. The feeling of being cheated came back after 3 months being buried deep down in my subconcious. As usual, I came back to Saigon early at 4pm, doing my daily routine gym workout. The messages I had sent her and 4pm stay unresponded until 9pm which lighted up a big pile of suspicion. I decided to stand hiding near her door, which I had never before done that. And what to come had come, that guy came home with Ngan. I was speechless and that I cound not stand on my own feet. The whole sky fell on my head and the world broke into pieces. It ended, and just ended promptly. I was surprised with myself that no bad words coming from my mouth nor no physical damage was given to her. I was grown up already. I was proud of myself

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