Problems - Wednesday, April 8

Missed a few days.

  1. I wake up in middle of the night, 5-6am and can’t sleep. Read for an hour then go back. Sometimes longer. Disruptive. Then wake up too late. Why?

  2. Learning Chinese, I have a text that is using limited character set, and another that is using all kinds of vocabulary. I'd like to have a text that is targeted for B1 vocab level and learning required vocabulary in a consistent manner. Isolate characters that are easy vs ones that are rare.

  3. Sometimes I forget certain characters. easy to confuse, e.g. meaning or form or sound.

  4. I spend a bit too much time on Anki, would be better with reading more.

  5. Missing neutral information on China in English. A lot of it is either from CCP directly, random western media, or very biased such as Falun Gong.

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