Problems - Friday, April 17

  1. Big institutions and newspapers are supposed to be credible, but often they are not. A lot of people listen to them, but they make predictions and recommendations that are false. Need time and uncertainty to identify. Reputation for accurate statements. OK to be wrong but then retract. Time=Uncertainty. Big one.

  2. Once I go online it is hard to go back offline again until end of work. Should be exception, not default.

  3. Im working but there’s construction noise that makes it hard for me to concentrate.

  4. I know I want to buy certain things and to articulate it takes 2m, yet to actually buy it requires more effort as I need to find the right store and so on.

  5. I’m ordering food in a restaurant and I mispronounce a word or don’t know specific thing so they switch to English. Part looking like a foreigner, part establishment, part pronunciation, part domain specific vocab knowledge. Shibboleth?

  6. I’m shuffling todos and plans across many different places, physical inbox, various notes and so on.

  7. I’m unable to sleep and wake up late, hard to find back time.

  8. I have too many things going on and can’t find time to focus with time pressing medium hard things.

  9. I have a skin rash / a topical dermatitis that makes me look unhealthy when it is fairly minor.

  10. When talking I speak too fast and assume too much knowledge.

  11. I want to work on side projects regularly but end up not making time until weekends.

  12. I forgot my computer for cowork place and need to go back. Would be nice to have a non supply commute with double setup.

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