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☝ I've begun documenting lessons from the Qur'an.

200206 - Evil befalls you due to yourself paradox


☝ The wise,

  • the possessor of knowledge, and the "meta" wisdom
  • the source of wisdom ⊃

[4:78] Wherever you may be, death will find you, even if you are in fortified towers. If any good befalls them, they say: "This is from God," and if any evil befalls them, they say: "This is from you!" Say: "All is from God;" what is wrong with these people, they barely understand any narrative!

This ayat shows that all is from God, the good, bad and ugly.


[4:79] Any good that befalls you is due to God, and any evil that befalls you is due to yourself. We have sent you as a messenger to the people and God is enough as a witness.

and similarly,

[42:30] And any misfortune that happens to you is a consequence of what your hands have earned. And He overlooks much.

God is good. Ayat 4:79 is a citation to that effect. And certainly, error is not possible for God.

It's a little too dilute to say "cause" and "effect", however most folks seem to be caught up in that paradigm aren't incorrect. Certainly, if anything happens it could only have occurred due to God, in the sense that, no other entity could make existence happen.

However, here God is giving us a word of caution. That evil is not in the nature of God, and therefore evil that befalls one is "from Him" but not due to Him. Because God is literally saying, in English, the credit for evil is you, not Him, right? In other words, the evil is credited to the creation, not the creator.

I cannot yet get my head wrapped around this apparent contradiction. One obvious hypothesis is that there must be a sequence of events. If the entire spectrum of ones timeline is taken, it ought to show that God has provided enough runway for individuals to correct their courses, before ultimate destruction or ultimate bliss results.

No doubt God guides. And, no doubt, from some He withholds guidance.

[32:13] And if We had wished, We could have given every soul its guidance, but the sentence from Me has taken effect, that I will fill Hell with the jinn and ins all together.

The question is, when does God withhold guidance?




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200202 - Except that God wished it so


☝ The truth.

12:76: So he began with their bags before the bag of his brother. Then he brought it out of the bag of his brother. It was such that We planned for Joseph, for he would not have been able to take his brother under the system of the king, except that God wished it so. We raise the degrees of whom We please, and over every one of knowledge is the All Knowledgeable.



  • The beauty of God is so great

  • Note here, it's not just the story of Joseph, it's also the story of the king ⤵

  • And... | I say sheepishly it's the story of each and every individual ⤵

  • Here in chapter 12, God is giving us a distinct view of His planning ⤵

  • In ayat 12:76, God is isolating two long term story arcs, the one of Joseph and the one of the king ⤵

  • God has allowed and | basically very intricately designed the kings life, such that the king has a system of governance that impacts | I guess his "limited" field of vision | both external and internal

  • And because this king also believes in God, note how God is not "overwriting" what He has granted the king | in terms of governance

  • Yet, God has orchestrated or "planned" that the measuring bowl "justice procedure" in the kings governance system works for a totally different story line, the drama of Joseph and his family ⤵


  • God is saying | essentially,

    • that the justice procedure that the king implemented

      • was such that
    • Joseph's "bowl in a bag" strategy ⤵

    • would not have worked

Note carefully what the guards ask the brothers who are stopped

| Basically,

  • "You pick a punishment, what is your response?" ⤵

Free choice mode?

| Right?

  • | Technically speaking to respond to the guards offer, any punishment ⤵

    • ought to have sufficed ⤵
  • | Meaning

    • The accused brothers could have said

      • we should pay a fine, or
      • leave some of our belongings, or
      • 100 lashes, or
      • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      • etc.

Fatalist mode?

  • Al'haq "caused" them brothers to choose their punishment

    • | Truth is, God is withholding guidance, and not pushing someone in the fire

Inferences and hypotheses

  • God knows what we want

  • Maybe the challenge is to "freely choose" The Noble, The Generous, The Supreme

  • Has God given the king, because the king actually believes in God, his own bountiful setup | I mean, he's had bad dreams to contend with..., however, he's got "the life of a king"?

Living like a king

The king has king responsibilities. Look how interesting.

  • This king is a person with his own trials, as a believer in God.

  • He certainly has the title "king", and

    • the job "king",

However, this king seems like the type of guy, who was actually doing the job properly.

| Right?

| Has to be, because

  • The king is seeking counsel on the management of his mental health | to begin with, and

  • apart from hiring or at the least receiving the recommendation of an ex-prison inmate,

    • he is one who reviews the history of a prisoner and

      • addresses the case, and ⤵
      • receives "independent" testimony that the prisoner is incarcerated for no fault | aka, prisoner was innocent to begin with
  • also seems to be implementing another ex-prisoner's recommendation | on release

  • | which kind of leader does this kind of thing in #millennial era 2020?


So this king, is doing his job, and seems like he's doing it properly.

Living like a king. Eeep! 😬


So | is God implying in other words, | that this king has been within God's liberty to setup shop however?

Yes. ⤵

  • This king's system is entrenched

  • This king's system is functioning

    • | parked-ish pretty anarchist actually, if you're going to ask the accused to pick a punishment "of their choosing", given it's backed by the enforcement in this king's system | right...?
  • God "did not" actually undo the king's system

  • It 100% did not clash with Joseph's storyline at all

To me, this is an example of the precision of God for those who accept the premises | or ayat of chapter 12 of the Quran.

| My God, Allah
| Good God




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200130 - God does not want to punish

4:147: What would God want with your punishment if you were only thankful and believed? God is Thankful, Knowledgeable.

Basically God is asking, what good does it do Him to see you punished?

  • Be grateful
  • Believe in God
  • God is thankful | imagine that eh?
  • God is knowledgeable


200107 - God created everything


☝ The truth,

  • the ultimate truth
  • The holy truth
  • the source of revealed truth
    • tangible
    • abstract
    • and on and on ⤵

Peace. Hope your Gregorian calendar 2020 is off to a good start.


I have what might seem like an obvious point, yet it's a new appreciation for one small part of [ayat 29 from chapter 2][🗣] of the Quran.

He is the One who has created for you all that is on the earth, then He attended to the heaven and has made it seven heavens, and He is aware of all things.

When you look around, even at our built environments, like this phone, the glass screen on the phone, the tables, the floors, "the modern world" and what really appears "artificial" relative to say a beautiful tree outside, speaking for myself, I forget that yes, these substances were created. That is, they emerged from somewhere certainly not by us humans.

In chapter 55 ayat 4, God reminds us,

He taught him how to distinguish.

If you look up [different translations][📑] for this verse, you'll see all sorts of ideas because translators have a tough time with this one.

God seems to be reminding us of those uncontroversial unique human faculty types of things like "language" and "speech", and "faculties of cognition" etc.

Plus, in chapter 96, God says in ayat 3, 4 and 5

  • Read, and your Lord is the Generous One.
  • The One who taught by the pen.
  • He taught the human being what he did not know.

Taken together, and going back to 2:29, yes, God did create everything. God is the ultimate initiator.

  • Not just of the substances and elements we see and employ ⤵
    • The blessed among us anyway
  • But also the language, and cognitive capabilities, right down the words we opt to use

They were taught to us, including the mechanics of naming by someone who knows more, and ultimately by the One who is wise, and knowing.




191109 - Moses and confronting fears

As'salaam | the source of peace, to you | u'Alykum.

Simple reflection.

  • Had a really nice meeting with a few friends. Quran types. 💕♥

The predictability we experience, the laws and such, are a mercy from God. Imagine Moses having to pick up the staff, which became a snake, at night time. Recall, he thought he would bring back some news from the light that caught his attention.

One recurring theme in the Quran is getting comfortable with confronting fears.

Moses, God shows us in the Quran, confronted lots and LOTS of fears and issues throughout his life and career.


  • Many of us live "stable" lives
    • Not much drama such as war and other types of depravity
  • Many of us experience disruption
    • I would think almost all of us do at some point ⤵
    • |If you live long enough that is
    • At the very least, you age, your body changes, your social life changes, etc
  • In other words,
    • We've been blessed to experience stability and probably something along the other end of the continuum
    • | Caution
    • The life of Moses is a good example of the bizarre, in one's everyday life ⤵
    • There are different stories of him in the Quran, doing different sorts of things ⤵
    • Apart from his "special" baby experience and the trippy sea parting stuff, he had to deal with the mundane... ⤵
    • Dealing with people who simply would not accept the wonders he witnessed
    • The good news is that lots of people did accept

This reflection is based in 28:29 [from the Quran][📜].



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191030 - Limits to cause and effect



On [Stack Exchange][🍔] someone asked

Non Muslim person said he believes this world was created by Nature, and that things that happen in his life is due to karma. He doesn't seem to believe in Allah.

I tell him this Nature was created by Allah.

Then he asks so Who created Allah?

How can I answer to him? I know to answer him but our answer should be thinkable. So that's why.

One possible response

As'salaam | The source of peace
to you | u'Alykum.

God says in Chapter 87, | translating into English

87:9 So remind, perhaps the reminder will help.
87:10 He who is concerned will remember.
87:11 And he who is wicked will avoid it.

Sounds like the person you are speaking with is uncomfortable with anything outside the "cause" and "effect" relationship.

In other words, if everything must have a cause, then so too must "God" so-called. It's an age old argument that Aristotle tried to respond to with something called the Un-moved mover argument.

However, cause and effect is a temporal relationship.

But, God claims in 112:2 that Allah'hu'ṣamad. [Translators][📜] also seem to have a difficult time with that term, however one way of saying it | in English is that God is absolute, indivisible, eternal. Timeless.

God simply is, | in other words. God is a being, from which matter such as "nature" emerges.


Non Mulsim person said he believes this world was created by Nature

  • Yep, that's not an uncommon belief ⤵
  • and | Everyone is entitled to their beliefs
  • God says in 2:256

| translating into [English][🚕]

There is no compulsion in the system; the proper way has been clarified from the wrong way. Whoever rejects evil, and believes in God, indeed he has taken grasp of the strongest hold that will never break. God is Hearer, Knower.

  • You can try and respond like Abraham did in 2:258, however be prepared to move on ⤵
  • If this person is willing to accept that 'nature' has always existed, then why not God?

the things happened his life is karma

  • Cause and effect ⤵
  • Sure | No problem with that
  • In 2:25 God also tells us that the things we do will have an effect ⤵
  • Very positive effects if you also believe (āmanū waʿamilū l-ṣāliḥāt)

he doesn't believe Allah

  • Insha'allah (iff God wills)

... but Our answer should be thinkable ...

  • This my friend is not easy
  • There's no "reason" and "logic" based answer that everyone will agree to in 2019 for example | just to be clear, unless God wills
  • God has informed us of this in 2:6

Indeed, how can you expect someone who is 100% totally committed to cause and effect as the explanation to everything be okay with a stick turning into a snake as it did for Moses? See 26:32.


191028 - Does God have hands, with digits?


☝ The one,

  • the singularly single ⤵

As'salaam | the source of peace
to you | to you

[Chapter 36][￰⛵] of the Quran talks about [dates][📺], cattle, and ships among other wonders.

God [ends the chapter][🗣] with an ayat that is striking.

[Thoughts?][💬]. I would welcome it.


  • 🏷 #quran #dates #yaseen



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191109 - Is the earth flat? Does it matter? Are you cozy?


☝ The cherisher,

  • the sustainer
  • The Lord
  • the teacher
    • who taught the zeebras to run
    • and babies language
    • and on and on ⤵

As'salaam | the source of peace
to you | to you


The earth is our habitat. God be praised. I have had the very good fortune of growing up in tropical climate, and the unbelievably good fortune of living in #Canada. The social issues are awful, here and there, however, the expanse of God's earth is something to behold.

[God uses][🗣] the word firoshan or carpet to describe our shared earth. True? Of course. What's your cozy configuration? My daughter has her preferences. And the [lovely folks][] I've had the opportunity of meeting have theirs. And, yes, I have mine. God is kind.

God is also the Lord of the [belt of orion][🚥] that you might see in the sky. And in Chapter 53 of the Quran, God reminds us that Sirius, the brightest star, is presided over by the rabb'il'Allameen | or Cherisher and sustainer of all worlds.

And then, there's this duniya, or "the world". In [this reflection][📺], the reminder for me is yes, the earth is as real as the soil under your feet, and the illusion before your eyes is something to watch for. That God has calibrated the heavenly bodies precisely as God claims in Chapter 55 of the Quran, ought to give our souls rest.

[Thoughts?][💬]. I would welcome it.

On a personal note ⤵

Why then do we debate so much? Why the unrest? It is well with my soul.

God reminds us in Chapter [2:257][🛋] that transitioning from the depths of darkness into the light is by God, for those who don't willfully confound "truth" with "falsehood" so to speak.

May God grant you, my munchkin, your loved ones and mine, the pleasure of His [Light][📖] now and beyond.

👋 Bog.


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191026 - Sujud and salah connection and communion


☝ The ally,

  • the guardian
  • the one who has your back
  • the ferocious protector
    • think mama bear
    • those feisty birds
    • and on and on ⤵

As'salaam | the source of peace
to you | u'Alykum

Thanks for visiting. The Quran alone community has good reason for skepticism around the word "salah" or "salat" as it relates to ritualized Islam.

Some from the Quran alone espouse a practice of not following the Sunni 5 daily salah ritual. Note, salah, not "prayer".

Why? Because the Quran only talks about 3 salah as it relates to a routine, and of course, dhikr allah or recollecting God is strongly recommended by God no less, as well as David if you've read the first few lines of chapter 1 of the Psalms, [translating into English][📖],

  • Blessed is the one,
  • ...
  • whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on His law, day and night.

| Side note, I was informed this ☝ "law" is "sharia"

One issue in the healthy discussion around Salah revolves around sujud, which is often translated as prostrate, yield, submit and so on; with prostrate being common, and God knows best.

Where am I going with all of this?

The word "Salah" or "Salat" in the Quran is not mentioned together with "Sujud". Yet the practice of ritualized Islam prominently features a prostration yoga move, which is understood as "a sujud".

  • I have zero problem with that interpretation.

Indeed, it makes sense to me, as it relates to [53:1][🌠] and [53:62][🍂]. That heavenly bodies move, apart from being fascinating, this is a sujud. That my chin should fall to the floor is totally fine, and indeed, is the literal translation of sujud. I don't have a citation unfortunately. However, iff God wills, I'll do you one better. Here is brother Yaseen from Quran Centric breaking down the term [Sujud][💧] for us.

More [2¢ here][📺], and I welcome [your thoughts][💬].

On a personal note ⤵

Salah, to me, has an obvious connection to the term selah which you will find sprinkled around in the book of Psalms. Considering these are Semitic languages I'm almost certain | and I'm no expert. I would love to hear or watch a YouTube video from someone familiar with this Arabic root word methodology stuff share a bit on Selah.


👋 Bog.


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191025 - Tarteel and staying up at night


☝ The provider ⤵

As'salaam (the source of peace)
u'Alykum (to you)

Thanks for visiting. Iff God wills, you'll learn about tarteel, at the very least my understanding of the term. I understand it in two ways [as of today][📺],

  • One, the [melodious reciting of the Qur'an][🌊]
  • Two, the [gathering of ayat in clusters for some reason][👶] you feel inspired | my current understanding

I learnt about tarteel back in my university days.

I was subscribed to this Sunni Islam website that had all sorts of scholars and recordings. Incidentally, it may have been here where heard Abdul Basit for the first time. It was incredibly inspiring to say the least.

I had the opportunity of sampling different reciters in my university days, and Imam Sadullah Khan and Imam Abdul Basit's renditions of the Quran appealed to me. May God bless them and others who continue to share it.

I had an Afghani brother who now manages projects in Afghanistan teach me something super important about reciting the Quran, and it was this: the Quran is not a song. There's a line between reciting the Quran and singing it.

[Thoughts?][💬]. I would welcome it.

On a personal note ⤵

Turns out that Mohammad, God's prophet, like, the real deal, recited the Quran, basically in bits and pieces during his 40s. God bless him, and the folks with him, and the other prophets back in the day.

Get that? His 40s. It's slightly hilarious and freakin scary. Muhammad had to keep this Quran "in memory" so-called. And had to deal with all the wild trips that constituted his second career into his 60s, we're told. Serious wild trips. Had to have been in the LSD or worse category | I see no other explanation for now, Al'hamdulilah, and God is the best to guide.

I don't know about you, 23 years seems like a short time. And, a really long time.

Today, I learnt how to pronounce "suh-boo-du". All I know, at the moment, is this phrase/sound appears somewhere in Chapter 2 of the Quran, and there's a Chapter 53 connection. I don't know what it means yet.

That's something I ought to be content with for now.

Do you want to live into your 60s?

I ask God that my loved ones, my munchkin, the nice folks from my circle, and I, incorporate this recital called the Quran into our lives so we experience what a Psalm says about, I'm paraphrasing, "waking up with God", [now and beyond][🗻].

[To God belongs the end and the beginning][].

Salah, selah, salat?

👋 Bog.


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191016 - Trading with God

That is the [kitab][📖], in which there is no doubt, a guidance for the righteous | muttha'keen


Peace, and salaam dear reader. Thank you for sharing your time with me today.

When you are done reading this post, if God wills, your journey back to him will continue fruitfully, bearing fruit, here, and no doubt, in the future where God has assured the believers that the good you did now will be, essentially, in better condition in the future.

It's like an investment. You trade with a currency of muttha'keen-hood. The good you do with your soul is the token, be it small or great, from the vessels your commandier that you trade with. And remember, you are trading with the greatest dealer, who doles all fortune you've been fortunate to see, and regrettably for some, the same dealer who permits a great deal of misfortune you see, but the good God doles is far easier to see, sans doubt.

Don't believe me? Try counting your blessings and see how long you last.

Wa'salaam u'Alykum

[Ar'rahman][🗣]. The one who literally taught the Quran, created man, with the ability to decipher stuff and articulate, vocally, and in so many other ways. Al'hamdulilah.

May God grant us good sense to opt for excellence worthy of his pleasure.

You read that right. Pleasure.

Certainly the one, who makes laugh, and makes weep, according to chapter 53 of the Quran must know about good pleasure. Indeed, the almighty is the source of pleasure, the ultimate initiator, of pleasure, and much more.

So, yes, if God wills, we'll do things that give that "God" pleasure.

I for one ought to wonder what does seeking God's pleasure, and face, mean?


191015 - Timeline


In the name of Allah.

Bog is a beautiful name of God, and to God belongs the most beautiful names according to the Quran.

We often think of timelines as our own. Think facebook timeline, twitter timeline, your own digital trail on YouTube and Chrome, your browser history on all your devices, then there's your MasterCard transactions, that get logged to PayPal, and of course, Netflix and on an and on.

That's one part of your timeline. I have a version of that too.

That's a deep timeline of some visible traces of an individual.

Is there a timeline across all individuals? I'll go one one step further, is there a timeline across all entities sharing this present moment in time with us?

Yes, I humbly offer for you to consider.

| disclaimer, to my knowledge, and I could be wrong, and God knows, best

That timeline is called now. God in the Quran assures us that there is a future. Indeed, many of us know that a future exists.

None but God, and those that God permits know what that future is, and indeed, only God truly knows what it will be.

All but God are subject to this shared timeline.

All of us alive now share this moment in time. This starting point. This line in time. This is our shared timeline.

In this timeline my daughter is probably finishing her evening bath, somewhere in India someone is waking up to what the Yuguslav's call [pro'puh][🌬], and so on.

You get the idea, our shared now is our shared timeline. And yet, each one of us has a history, and that's our other timeline.

And [God says in the Quran][🗣], I'm translating into English,

By time

Mankind is in utter loss

Except those who

  • believe
  • and do good works
  • and support and urge each other towards the truth
  • and those who support and urge one another towards sabr | endurance, patience and persistence

May God enrich you and me with prudent and wise utilization, of this time, we have left, together, here.

Post here? What's referred to as the akhi'rah, or "here" "after" or the hereafter which comes after now..., if God wills, it'll be favourable to you, your loved ones, and if God wills, whoever else is fortunate enough to have you along for the ride. I'm presupposing you're a believer. Else, bad scene.

Wa'salaam u'Alykum, and the blessings and mercy of God.

191015 - Yep, we can express oursleves alright



The Qur'an talks about holding salah at midday. Insha'allah you will ask me for a citation.

This is one part of it for me: [https://tab.bz/6wsbo][🖇].

Peace, and I hope your day is going well.

Wa'salaam u'Alykum | or "And, on your be peace from its source



I'm opting to reflect on verse 4 of chapter 55 of the Quran or 55:4 for short.

It [sounds like this][🗣], or try pronouncing the text below

'all-la'ma h'ul bayaaaann

The [english translation is pretty astounding][📑].



[191015 - RD Salah Wusta]

191019 - Find your satisfaction in God

Bismillah, hir'Rahman nir'Raheem.

Imgur Allah, however, you've said Allah, in the Yusuf Ali translation, that you, Allah, you have placed love between people.

Yet, Allah, you say, somewhere in your Quran, that you stand in the way between two individuals, perhaps, two entities of any kind.

Love Allah, are you love?

Sweet Malik, love..., Ar'Rahman, Thabath'yadaa, ab'hi luh'bi'yuh wataa'bb.

Allah, does that not translate to perish, the hands, the father of flame? Or, "Perish the hands of the firebrand?"

Are my hands producing? Let it Allah be that it but produces the advancement of learning and practice of singing your praises, yes, learning to truly sing your praises dear God, so that they give you, the one to whom belong the most beautiful pavilions in one of your heavens joy and delight, and I'd be glad if you teach me, and your loved ones from my family, and my daughter, to rely on the glimpse of perfection we've been permitted to perceive, your measure, perfectly measured, now and for ever after.

Thank you dear Allah.

Let God's will prevail, it will anyway. If God wills, it will happen. Insha'Allah, in short.


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191009 - Quran chapter 2, 1 to 39 | Visual Argument

In the name of God, the wise, the knowledgeable.

In [this video][📺] I read and briefly discuss the [Monotheist Group's translation][📎] of chapter 2 of the Qur'an, from ayat (verses) 1 to 39. I turned that into [this visual][🖼] which you can download, or you're welcome to sample the work in progress [here][🖇]. It will show you the argument in English.

The oral rendition of the Qur'an, the recitation that I have been fortunate to experience is that of the late [Abdul Basit][🎙]. It's an acquired taste for sure, and God be praised. The link below is of chapter 2, and literally the first 25 minutes of that video covers the recitation of verses 1-39.

I urge you to give it a listen.


You will hear, if God wills, the vocal versatility, the rhythm and the sheer weight of some of these ayat. My gentle, well spirited, and mindfulness based challenge to you? Just hold your breath for as long as the reciter recites the words, follow the reciter's breath basically. This is just one of many ways to experience the Quran, the actual oral recitation.

In "my commentary" so-called, I touch on a [few][📺] of these things starting at 13:33

  • The chapter separator convention
  • Positivist culture
  • Bits, yep, those ones and zeros that fly through our unseen air
  • My somewhat alarming realization of waking up in 2019 to lens tech
  • I'm sure there's other banter

Thank you for spending your time here with me. I encourage you to post a video response, or [a comment][🗨] linking to a resource you care about, and if God wills, I will pay it a visit.

Wa'salaam u'Alykum.



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191005 - Salaat discussion of Quran 108

In the name of God, the provider, the wise

Welcome 🙏

In this [video]|[📺] I compare translations of chapter 108 of the #Quran in #English. I have used the works of the [Monotheist Group]|[🤝], [Sam Gerrans]|[🌲] and [Islam Awakened]|[📎]. You can learn more about their work using the links below.

If you have any feedback on Ayat 2 of Chapter 108, I would appreciate it, especially the "superlative mastery" rendition by Sam Gerrans.

So perform thou the duty to thy lord

And attain thou superlative mastery.

☝ Peace.


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