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☝ The truth.

12:76: So he began with their bags before the bag of his brother. Then he brought it out of the bag of his brother. It was such that We planned for Joseph, for he would not have been able to take his brother under the system of the king, except that God wished it so. We raise the degrees of whom We please, and over every one of knowledge is the All Knowledgeable.



  • The beauty of God is so great

  • Note here, it's not just the story of Joseph, it's also the story of the king ⤵

  • And... | I say sheepishly it's the story of each and every individual ⤵

  • Here in chapter 12, God is giving us a distinct view of His planning ⤵

  • In ayat 12:76, God is isolating two long term story arcs, the one of Joseph and the one of the king ⤵

  • God has allowed and | basically very intricately designed the kings life, such that the king has a system of governance that impacts | I guess his "limited" field of vision | both external and internal

  • And because this king also believes in God, note how God is not "overwriting" what He has granted the king | in terms of governance

  • Yet, God has orchestrated or "planned" that the measuring bowl "justice procedure" in the kings governance system works for a totally different story line, the drama of Joseph and his family ⤵


  • God is saying | essentially,

    • that the justice procedure that the king implemented

      • was such that
    • Joseph's "bowl in a bag" strategy ⤵

    • would not have worked

Note carefully what the guards ask the brothers who are stopped

| Basically,

  • "You pick a punishment, what is your response?" ⤵

Free choice mode?

| Right?

  • | Technically speaking to respond to the guards offer, any punishment ⤵

    • ought to have sufficed ⤵
  • | Meaning

    • The accused brothers could have said

      • we should pay a fine, or
      • leave some of our belongings, or
      • 100 lashes, or
      • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      • etc.

Fatalist mode?

  • Al'haq "caused" them brothers to choose their punishment

    • | Truth is, God is withholding guidance, and not pushing someone in the fire

Inferences and hypotheses

  • God knows what we want

  • Maybe the challenge is to "freely choose" The Noble, The Generous, The Supreme

  • Has God given the king, because the king actually believes in God, his own bountiful setup | I mean, he's had bad dreams to contend with..., however, he's got "the life of a king"?

Living like a king

The king has king responsibilities. Look how interesting.

  • This king is a person with his own trials, as a believer in God.

  • He certainly has the title "king", and

    • the job "king",

However, this king seems like the type of guy, who was actually doing the job properly.

| Right?

| Has to be, because

  • The king is seeking counsel on the management of his mental health | to begin with, and

  • apart from hiring or at the least receiving the recommendation of an ex-prison inmate,

    • he is one who reviews the history of a prisoner and

      • addresses the case, and ⤵
      • receives "independent" testimony that the prisoner is incarcerated for no fault | aka, prisoner was innocent to begin with
  • also seems to be implementing another ex-prisoner's recommendation | on release

  • | which kind of leader does this kind of thing in #millennial era 2020?


So this king, is doing his job, and seems like he's doing it properly.

Living like a king. Eeep! 😬


So | is God implying in other words, | that this king has been within God's liberty to setup shop however?

Yes. ⤵

  • This king's system is entrenched

  • This king's system is functioning

    • | parked-ish pretty anarchist actually, if you're going to ask the accused to pick a punishment "of their choosing", given it's backed by the enforcement in this king's system | right...?
  • God "did not" actually undo the king's system

  • It 100% did not clash with Joseph's storyline at all

To me, this is an example of the precision of God for those who accept the premises | or ayat of chapter 12 of the Quran.

| My God, Allah
| Good God




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