191015 - Timeline


In the name of Allah.

Bog is a beautiful name of God, and to God belongs the most beautiful names according to the Quran.

We often think of timelines as our own. Think facebook timeline, twitter timeline, your own digital trail on YouTube and Chrome, your browser history on all your devices, then there's your MasterCard transactions, that get logged to PayPal, and of course, Netflix and on an and on.

That's one part of your timeline. I have a version of that too.

That's a deep timeline of some visible traces of an individual.

Is there a timeline across all individuals? I'll go one one step further, is there a timeline across all entities sharing this present moment in time with us?

Yes, I humbly offer for you to consider.

| disclaimer, to my knowledge, and I could be wrong, and God knows, best

That timeline is called now. God in the Quran assures us that there is a future. Indeed, many of us know that a future exists.

None but God, and those that God permits know what that future is, and indeed, only God truly knows what it will be.

All but God are subject to this shared timeline.

All of us alive now share this moment in time. This starting point. This line in time. This is our shared timeline.

In this timeline my daughter is probably finishing her evening bath, somewhere in India someone is waking up to what the Yuguslav's call [pro'puh][🌬], and so on.

You get the idea, our shared now is our shared timeline. And yet, each one of us has a history, and that's our other timeline.

And [God says in the Quran][🗣], I'm translating into English,

By time

Mankind is in utter loss

Except those who

  • believe
  • and do good works
  • and support and urge each other towards the truth
  • and those who support and urge one another towards sabr | endurance, patience and persistence

May God enrich you and me with prudent and wise utilization, of this time, we have left, together, here.

Post here? What's referred to as the akhi'rah, or "here" "after" or the hereafter which comes after now..., if God wills, it'll be favourable to you, your loved ones, and if God wills, whoever else is fortunate enough to have you along for the ride. I'm presupposing you're a believer. Else, bad scene.

Wa'salaam u'Alykum, and the blessings and mercy of God.

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