The Torment II

I thought that it would be over soon,
As soon as the phase change of the moon,
Yet I feel the power of impending doom,
It is here, now, and yonder loom.

The voices inside my head say,
What you did, you deserve, you should pay!
Demons living in the light of day,
Manifesting themselves in any way.

Headache greets me when I wake,
Stomachache follows me when I take a break,
Paranoia gives me a sardonic grin,
Insomnia haunts me from deep within.

Flashback of memories haunt my present,
These make me flick and whine and scream,
Of hopes that were never made nascent,
Does anyone rejoice on a hopeless dream?

To forgive oneself now is just a notion,
While these things in my head are still in motion,
Yet is there just any magic potion,
To redeem me from this inner erosion?

I may have said more things today,
That what I might have wanted to say,
If there was recourse for myself in any way,
All I ask is for you to pray.

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