letting the world get ahead

Note to self: falling behind in the eyes of the world is one of the prices to be paid on the way.

Be okay with it. Let people think what they will.

And don't fall into spiritual materialism either. "Meditate so you can buy your dream house!" and such. If those things come it's fine but if you're after any of it then you're already off course. You're already projecting into a future, performing in order to achieve, living as if you weren't enough, as if here and now weren't enough, as if you weren't all of it, as if there was something out there to be gained. It's another conceptual mirage, same as any other.

At some point we're all challenged to let go and fall back. To be seen as less-than by others. To find the courage to stay behind. To choose: what our own hearts and intuition are guiding us to, or what social pressure is demanding of us?

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