analyzing dreams

The dreaming mind interprets the world more poetically than the waking mind, which has been thoroughly conditioned with linear systems of language and logic. It does so instead through symbols and metaphors. Our dreams can show us a lot about ourselves and truths we may be avoiding or overlooking in the complexity of waking life.

When we encounter a person, place or thing in a dream, we can consider why this one was conjured and why it stood out to us. What does it represent to us? Freedom, fun, joy, guilt, shame, fear? What feelings or values do we associate with it?

The same applies for fantastical situations. Being chased by a monster? Finding it hard to move? We can consider what in our life right now could be the monster we're running from, where in our life we're feeling stuck.

We can explore what our mind might be showing us and why. Our dreams are often a reflection of our waking experiences, only with all the rules and structures broken. It can be a good way to quickly get to the inner truth in matters we may be avoiding.

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