black holes

Light is a wave phenomenon that becomes visible in the moment that our eyes make contact with it, and then essentially "disappears" from existence until it is again in contact with our eyes. The wave continues but it doesn't exist on the light spectrum as we define it unless it's witnessed by a human eye.

A black hole works in a similar way. It's perpetually absorbing everything around it that exists on a certain spectrum, only unlike the human eye, it absorbs matter as well as light. Things on the spectrum of matter are more dense but are still temporary wave forms, and these also get absorbed into the black hole when contact within a certain radius is made; when witnessing occurs.

All of existence as we know it, including the phenomenon of human beings, consists of temporary wave phenomenon existing as they are in one moment and disappearing in the next, like the light and matter above. Some of these waves get absorbed into various black hole-like phenomenon and transformed into electromagnetic waves in the brain. In the case of the human eye, sensory/thought experience; the phenomenon of light is processed and interpreted as visual information in the brain. And in the case of black holes in space...

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