Most pursuits are part of a psychospiritual quest for wholeness, stemming from a sense of lack instilled during development.

At some point in our lives we inherit the idea that we aren't enough and that something more is needed to make us whole/enough/worthy. We're taught, implicitly or explicitly, that we can only be made whole through attaining or accomplishing things external to us.

On the psychospiritual level we seek to merge with the external things/beings/experiences to resolve this belief that we aren't enough. This can never work because the belief is false. We can't merge with externals in this way, we only feel temporary relief at the attainment of the goal until the pain returns. We then come to believe that it was because the thing/being/experience wasn't right or hurt us, leading us to seek another out instead. And on and on it goes.

The truth is that we are and have always been whole. Nothing more can or need be added. It's the belief otherwise that creates our pain and propels almost all of our efforts henceforth to fill the imagined void.

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