When attention is always on our thoughts, we remain focused on projections and interpretations of external events. This usually happens automatically as a sort of predictive safety program, a means of control. It intrinsically involves a sacrifice in attention to the unfolding moment and indicates a fundamental mistrust in self and life. It keeps us on edge, on guard, always in our heads, scanning for potential threats and danger on the horizon.

When attention is shifted away from thoughts and into the body, one has essentially let go into trust. The longer we do this and survive in this state, the more we can come to see that we're capable of handling what arises without precognition. In this way, thoughts begin to lose their pull and seeming necessity. Their momentum and intensity diminish and we can start settling into ourselves and the moment as it is while continuing to respond. Just like the breath, it happens on it's own, with only occasional conscious corrective effort needed. Simultaneously, we begin to observe and come to know ourselves rather than what we tend to think about. This is how self awareness develops.

Rest in the body/breath as often as possible. Return to it again and again and again and again.

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