We're all having subjective experiences and trying to come to an objective consensus with each other using language. To encounter and convince one another to validate and accept our explanations of this experience. To "get on the same page" with each other.

This isn't possible on the level we typically try to. That's why it never quite fits, and why our explanations of reality can be so flexible and changable. We use limited means such as language to convey our inner experiences and these get further filtered through each of our mental filters. Whatever gets through is then altered by the projections of the other before being returned to us, jumbled and distorted. Relying on discourse on this level to convey or find truth, talking to others to come to intellectual understandings and agreements about reality, leads to confusion and turmoil.

The expression will never line up perfectly with the experience. Trying to get it to will only lead us to lose contact and confidence with the subjective truths of our experience and become lost in concepts.

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